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Music from Weird Masses: Jarboe

Experimental icon Jarboe remasters and rereleases her 1986 record Blood Women Roses. ...

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Tatts Entertainment – Hanky Panky At The Great British Tattoo Show

An event that includes some truly great international inkers is one benefit of this tattoo convention, offering the chance to be inked by leading artists from across the globe....

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Newness & Nostalgia In Art

The Idea of newness is an essential part of the function of art in modern times but what does that mean and how does newness form and change? Are we all prone to long for a past that never was or a...

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Becoming of the Avant-Garde

Modernism and the avant-garde is the theme of the second part of Natalie Andrews exploration of the epoch and its influence on our time....

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Franciska Themerson: Designing the Avant Garde

Whimsical worlds: Revisiting the Avant-Garde...

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CAN: Unreleased Material. The Can Project: Barbican and Glastonbury Sets

New releases, biography readings and gigs by the Can Project usher in a spring/summer of CAN related events...

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Mastery in Sound: Swans (Live at Islington Assembly)

A resounding farewell to a visceral lineup, Swans configure an unparalleled sonic onslaught...

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Fires Within Fires (Neurosis)

A perfect if less mindblowing record from post-rock doomfathers Neurosis...

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Sonic Space Opera via a Magic Machine (An Endless Sporadic)

Eclectic and Experimental, An Endless Sporadic's sonic space opera recalls the great Zappa...

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Apres Release Avant-Hard (Swans and SikTh)

Unheralded gems from the underworld of avant-garde rock that you should have heard already...

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Industrial, metallic and alienating, Melk En Honing (Author & Punisher)

Similar in both subject matter and delivery to Godflesh, Ministry and Killing Joke, you'd expect this to be neither an immediate nor an uplifting experience. However.... ...

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The Homely Path through Chaotic Woods (Nostos)

A collection of musical pieces which disturb, wrongfoot, disorient and occasionally attack the listener, whilst still being peppered with the ghost of expected song structures ...

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Loitered Lens : Primus live at Brixton Academy

Primus wanted to remind you that they’ve always been a band looking forward, reminding us that the old stuff was just that....

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Language games across the checkmate of infinity

These are not really poems, that's why I put the word poem in inverted commas in the title. ...

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Cannibalisation: recycling of recyclings of recyclings [Asmus Tietchens : Fahl]

Does the strategy of infinite recycling accrue a new aesthetic or degrade the existing one?...

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Max Richter – Memoryhouse revisited

Vinyl release of Max Richter's memoryhouse and a rare Barbican performance on Jan 24 of this masterwork. ...

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Forget the Art World in the Oubliette Art House

Art house squatters the Oubliette transform a Soho ex-nightclub into an emporium of delights. The Oubliette is a curious initiative. When I first encountered it two years ago it was in an old embassy...

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Into the Pit – Scaledown

The Orchestra Pit Company. Featuring Brainer, Hamilton Yarns and Former Utopia Kings and Queens Pub, Fitzrovia. 29th October 2010.   Getting lost on your way to a gig showcase is not unheard of,...

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Earth –  A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions

The opening song for this despondent treat is like the unfolding of a questionably green powdered orange, the insides of Earth evoking a terrified awe when revealed. An album which creeps up on you,...

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