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What Lies Twixt Production and Reproduction: The Original Image

Investigating the space between original art and its many reproductions, The Original Image demands full attention...

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Great Things – Rebecca Pelly-Fry, Griffin Gallery [Interview]

I guess there is an element of wanting to put our stake in the ground and say that we believe the artists we show are going to go on to great things....

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William Burroughs : Animals In The Wall

Animals In The Wall will feature 40 original William S Burroughs art works...

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Neil Gaiman at the Barbican

For an hour or so, we could almost taste the wetted air of foggy heaths and breathe the scent of mythical caves....

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Breugel to Freud : Prints at the Courtauld

If one pauses to listen, then there are some quietly iconoclastic voices to be heard....

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Kenneth Clark : Looking for Civilisation

Behind the carefully enunciated words, is a man whose whole existence revolves around art, and that each phrase is born of a lifetime’s experience and understanding....

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Dressing up Undressing : London Burlesque Festival

The fact that something so nostalgic, so artless and so utterly un-PC could sell out, almost thawed my cold ‘let’s reclaim the female gaze’ heart...

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Art Belongs to the People : Ashmolean Museum

A show focussed on a previously overlooked dynamic between the grandfather of the post-war avant garde, Joseph Beuys, and his politically mobilized student at the Dusseldorf Academy: Jörg...

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Secret Garden Party Preview

What makes Secret Garden special is that its focus upon audience participation makes each hedonistic reveller feel very much a part of a gloriously impromptu and intimate house party....

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A Dialogue with Nature : Courtauld Gallery

Landscape embodied a mysterious border space to combat the creeping rise of social industrialisation and cultural European realism...

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Matter and Memory : Alison Jacques Gallery

Unassuming yet powerful provocations to our innate memories of what it is to be a human within the matter of the world...

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Charlie Billingham : Tender

It is this sense of paradoxical delight which pervades the playful tones of Charlie Billingham’s latest installation of paintings, marching uniformly across the red grid of the gallery walls. ...

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Tom De Freston : The Charnel House

De Freston’s is a primarily personal painterly vocabulary of translated - rather than quoted - cultural references...

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Drifting through Frieze

Checking out Dürer, Richard Serra and Richard Silver, Trebuchet's art correspondent finds much to interest her outside of Frieze....

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Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

There is a modesty and complexity in the self-aware theatricality of his approach that eschews any defined categories or cultural heritage...

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Generation : GV Art

'Motherhood in a sense is a performance, that the artists too are re-rehearsing'. Trebuchet reports on Generation at London's GV Art gallery....

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Robert Mapplethorpe : Fashion Show

obert Mapplethorpe: Fashion Show Caution: Borderline NSFW image appears mid-way through text His delicate gaze saw with clarity what others did not Poignant, Touching and Reflective are not usually...

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Mass Observation : This is Your Photo

Spender’s camera is wielded with a candid humour and instinctive eye for capturing what Cartier Bresson refers to as ‘the moment’ of a photographic image....

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George Catlin and the Indians

An affecting impression of a man and the affinity which he found with his subjects, though always remaining on the outside. ...

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An ABC of Aesthetics

There is a distinction between art and entertainment, one of them being that art is meant to be hard work. ...

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Cob and Guts (and curation)

Life in dreams is magnified, multiplied and recycled to form a new visual language that drifts in and out of cognitive understanding. Francesca Goodwin investigates new curatorial approaches at Cob...

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Collecting Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld

Courtauld literally lived with his collections and so it was the physical composition of the work (such as Gauguin) itself wherein his main interests lay ...

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Guerilla Zoo’s James Elphick [Interview]

May Day, traditionally associated with revelry and mystique - this is what I think the whole event captured, that playful, fantastical element....

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SUPERPAINTINGS at Transition Gallery

They're laughing. Are we?...

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Anyone for Fish Pie? [Theatre Interview]

'I don’t think that making fun, silly or childish stories means that there’s any less significance to the work'...

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In Defence of Art

They would then stalk, with a suitably knowing sneer creasing their upper lips, around the space and direct small troops of eager attendants to move paintings a little to the left or a little to the...

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Miranda Donovan : Walls [Review]

The viewer comes away seduced - seduced by surface, seduced by tactility and seduced by craftsmanship – and all there was to be seen were walls....

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