Value in Context: Art in the Public Realm

Vestalia Chilton discusses the value and opportunities of public art. ...

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Donald’s Big State Visit. 1.8 Million Voices Ignored

Even Neville Chamberlain stopped short of inviting fascists for state visits....

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Fed Up With Fake News? So Stop Making It.

Fake News sites cause very real damage, but how do you define 'trustworthy'?...

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No More Fossil Fuels by 2026!? Diesel Never Happen

Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study ...

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Why David Cameron is a Massive Loser

Cameron is so indebted to so many people, it's hard to actually say he's 'won' anything....

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Stop the sale of the land registry

Stop the government selling the profitable Land Registry which generates £98 Million pounds to the public purse each year as well as having a satisfaction rating of over 90% from those that use the...

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Cleantech Crash? Why Government Should Go Green

The government has a definite role to play in the promotion of new green technologies and energy sources, no matter what budget hawks like to think....

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NHS Gagging Order Fight Intensifies

An incredible 8,222 38 Degrees members, from all across the UK, have donated to help turn up the heat on key MPs about the gagging law. The campaigners are near their target but they need your help....

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John Noveske’s Link to Drugs and School Shootings

This is the last post John Noveske made on his Facebook page before his death:...

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Round 2 : The Gagging Law fight.

The latest update and links to more information as well as how you can get involved in the fight against the latest gagging law legislation....

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Every Wi-Fi a Camera

New development can give all of us the ability to spot people in different rooms using low-cost Wi-Fi technology. ...

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Hospital Deaths Occur Near Weekends

Patients undergoing planned surgery appear more likely to die if they have their operation at the end of the week. Can we stop hospital deaths ? ...

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Catching HIV

Public health officials in New York City have launched a successful program to locate HIV -positive patients and reconnect them with treatment service....

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UK Drug Policy Not Scientific

UKdrug policy : Government decision to promote abstinence for drug users 'is about saving money not science' ...

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Legal Aid in Danger: Cuts to Penalise the Poor.

The consultation period for the proposed changes to legal aid is set to close on the 14th of February. The Miscarriages of Justice website MOJUK lists the importance of legal aid and how the proposed...

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First Data Protection Act Fine Issued

The Information Commissioner responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act has fined Hertfordshire County Council £100k for failing in its duties....

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Boris rejects Cameron’s ‘Social Cleansing’ Cap

London Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to mitigate the effects of Cameron's bill to cap housing benefit...

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David Cameron Launches Tories’ ‘Big Society’ Plan

David Cameron: "I think we're onto a really big idea, a really exciting future for our country" David Cameron has launched his "big society" drive to empower communities, describing it as his...

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If You Can’t Get a Job Start a Business

Great idea: If You Can’t Get a Job Start a Business...

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