First Data Protection Act Fine Issued

The Information Commissioner responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act has fined Hertfordshire County Council £100k for failing in its duties.

The main breaches related to the council sending faxes containing information pertaining to sex offence cases to the members of the public on two occaisions. Sheffield A4e was fine £60K for having an unsecured laptop containing sensitive information relating to legal cases on 24K people stolen from a private residence.

The dangers of having Data stored electronically are manifold and surely due care must be taken for that information to be stored safely and securely. What is most shocking is that this is the first time that the Data Protection Act fine has been issued, it beggars belief that this is the first time that such breaches have taken place or been made public.

Sadly having your life publically disseminated by butter fingered bureaucrats didn’t make the list


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