Boris rejects Cameron’s ‘Social Cleansing’ Cap

A social cleansing coupon for your ticket out of London

London Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to mitigate the effects of Cameron’s bill to cap housing benefit which Boris maintains would mean that London might become a place where ‘rich and poor cannot live together’.

The bill is expected to affect 82,000 households and has been likened to a Kosovo-style social cleansing of the capital.  Assuming that the average household contains three people this could mean that around 250,000 people are made either homeless or rehoused outside the London where rents are cheaper.*

Former Mayor Ken Livingstone has also spoken out against the cap calling it a ‘tragedy on a massive scale’.

*a true average of the number of people this would have an impact on would have to be based on the demographic of those receiving housing benefit. Some reports have stated that the number is more like 200,000. At risk of eviction would theoretically include the old, infirm and immigrants?

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