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Desperately Seeking The Miraculous

Clad in black, with a grave yard bottle of Cherry B. Eyeliner tears streaked our faces as we listened to 'What Difference Does It Make'. Do you remember? Desperate Journalist takes us back there....

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Flaming in the Fog: Fields of the Nephilim, Kentish Town Forum

As other goth bands fall, Fields of the Nephilim still carry the torch through the graveyard...

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Loitered Lens: The Mission, Kentish Town Forum

Wayne Hussey and the last standing Goth's Goth at the Kentish Town Forum. Photos...

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Music For the Missus? The Pale (William Control)

Tortured delvings into the 80s synthpop palette for the first of a four EP collection...

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The Birthday Massacre (live at the Garage, Islington)

Oozing hot goth love to the faithful: The Birthday Massacre lived up to their name and killed it...

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Loitered Lens: The Mission

And when there's darkness all around, you shine bright.... Photos of The Mission live in London...

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Tower of Strength: The Mission live at Shepherd’s Bush

Jingle Jangle Scarecrows. Twelve Strings of Torment and Thunder...

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Wide-brimmed hats off for The Mission

Interview with Wayne Hussey (The Mission) ahead of October UK tour...

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Loitered Lens: Fields of the Nephilim (Solstice Celebration)

Bookending the first of two solstice celebrations, FIelds of the Nephilim mark the shortest night at the Forum...

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Summoning Unnerving Prophecy at the Kentish Town Forum (Fields of the Nephilim)

The goth's goths - Fields of the Nephilim, enchant the congregation at the Kentish Town Forum...

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Fields of the Nephilim Celebration of the Solstices

Fields of the Nephilim announce exclusive UK appearances chosen to coincide with marking the Solstice...

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30 Years, Still Undead. The Mission, Tour Details

Thirty years after their first gig, The Mission bring their glorious goth rock back on tour. Dates and Details...

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Fields of the Nephilim Intimate Islington Date Announced!

Rumours of secret gigs, rumours of new material - Fields of the Nephilim come clean. Gig details/ticket links for Fields of the Nephilim at O2 Academy....

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Parting the Veil of Sylvanian Fantasy [Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands]

Bright's voice, if a touch brittle, is faultless in pitch, soaring in keening arabesques through what must (surely) be the entire range of anguish...

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I’m not an arrogant jerk maniac (Chibi The Birthday Massacre)

It’s important to me to know that people can come up and talk to me and know that I’m not an arrogant jerk maniac....

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Alt-Fest Wants to Hear Your Voice

Alt-Fest will feature five live music stages, presenting crucial Goth, Metal and Industrial acts, plus the ‘best-of-the-next’ on a newcomers stage, and the absolute ‘best-of-the-best’ on a...

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Tav Falco [Interview]

There's a mixed crowd at Rough Trade East, a record shop in ever-so hip Brick Lane. They're listening to Tav Falco read extracts from his new book, Ghosts Behind the Sun: Splendor, Enigma and...

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To Cast A Shadow – In Memory Of

To Cast A Shadow - In Memory Of...

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