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Loitered Lens: The Mission, Kentish Town Forum

Wayne Hussey and the last standing Goth’s Goth at the Kentish Town Forum. Photos

The Mission

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ambusting Wayne Hussey says wide brimmed hats are best left to Fields Of The Nephilm as he gently slips into his autumn years.

Adopting instead something of a Mick Harveyesque look, the no-longer tressed and tousled troubadour totes his signature electric twelve string in the style of ‘dodgy spiv in a darkened back alley’.

To be fair to Carl McCoy, that man still looks the part and doth remain the Goth’s Goth. To my knowledge he hasn’t been found flogging cheap felt hats from a suitcase down Oxford Street either (although I’m sure I spotted him in Harrow Tesco strutting around with a ripe hand of bananas).

Hussey however has resorted to confetti canons, dancing girls and a performing llama.

Ok, the girls and the llama were imagined but the confetti canon was oh too real.

‘twas a good lengthy set at Kentish Town’s Forum but the crowd remained underwhelmed until the classics got a look in. Tower Of Strength got the old Goths animated and Wasteland (despite the confetti) got bodies up on shoulders. It was a beautiful moment.

Photos by Carl Byron Batson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.



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