Redrails [Album]

Challenging, Redrails most certainly is. Rewarding, in equal measure. Intriguing, and destined to be the source of many hours spent, headphones on, grasping to find the mental setting in which it all suddenly becomes plausible, lucid, and just a touch less alien. Seek it out. (read more)


Rupert Stroud [Single]

Putting in the miles, sofabeds and service-station all-day breakfasts, Rupert Stroud has been touring hard in the UK all summer. All grist to the mill, and meaning that when ‘Twisted Games’ and ‘No Peace of Mind’ drop onto iTunes later this month, willing converts to his bluesy beats will be waiting. (read more)


Listener [Live]

Performing a set covering both old and newer material, Listener create an electric, vacuous atmosphere of mystification and strike the crowd near-dumb. The usual glazed, blank looks at the back of the room are replaced with attentive ones, and the unanimous claps and cheers between songs compared to the still attentiveness interspersed with muttering along during completely displace this audience from any other of the weekend. (read more)


Green Man [Festival]

What with hugging around the Green Man and reading people’s wishes on little mailing labels around the tree, this has been a pleasant valley, bucolic, neo-druidic experience. Thoughts of love, to be good at everything, and most strikingly, to progress as humanity, Green Man is bigger than the sum of its parts. (read more)


Declan Sinnott: I Love the Noise it Makes

Adult Acoustic. A domain legendarily populated by the troubled, drunk, sex mad, violent and jail-prone stereotypes that rarely trouble the charts, but in Declan Sinnott they might be given a scare.
As a sideman of the legendary Irish singer Christy Moore, Sinnott has shown himself over the years to be a fantastic medium of music and superlative arranger.
(read more)


Loitered Lens: Drunken Balordi [Photos]

‘The night started with what appeared to be an Irish folk band taking the stage – Drunken Balordi comprised a singer/acoustic guitarist wearing an Irish pub t-shirt, bass guitarist, violinist, accordion player and drummer. However the catchy violin riffs were far more Eastern European inspired than Irish.’ Sarah Corbett, Trebuchet. (read more)

Cambridge Folks Festival 2012

Cambridge Folk Festival 2012

As I helped what could only be someone’s Gran onto a chair so she could get a better view and was hugged by a crazed hippy forcing me to eat some one of her love heart sweets, I could only think that this was one of the most uplifting moments I had experienced and that I was already looking forward to CFF 2013. (read more)


Hannah Cohen: Child Bride

Hannah Cohen’s debut album Child Bride seems a fitting April/May release for those of us that are struggling through transition of the awkward weather and mishaps of general life, but should you dedicate 33 minutes to listen to this significant debut? (read more)