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Special Interest: New Orleans Noir

It may be a cold passion, but it’s one that marks them out from the hordes of less spirited and complacent groups...

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West Coast Loitering in the Loneliest Funk of LA Priest

A review of LA Priest's Gene, a masterpiece of funky isolation. Made on a homemade drum machine of the same name, there is a lot to appreciate here....

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Figueroa: Amon Tobin’s Magical Isolation

The World As We Know It from Amon Tobin project Figueroa is a fresh take on psych folk that captives, inspires and defies expectation. ...

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Compressing Parliamentary Love Time with Actress

Interview with electronic musician Actress: Reworking Stockhausen around a contemporary issue ...

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Soundtracking the Void

In Honley Civic Archives Volume 1, Thomas Ragsdale distils a gaseous, wispy atmosphere that leaves control in the hands of the listener....

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“Everything Is Devolving Right Before Our Very Eyes” – Rhys Fulber

Trebuchet talks to Industrial and EBM kingpin Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) about brand new release "Your Dystopia, My Utopia"...

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Post-Techno and the Eminence of Melancholia – Liziuz

Tobias Lisius's alter-ego Liziuz unleashes a brooding, Berlin-esque electronic soundscape in new release 'Geschichten des Lebens'....

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No space for the unexpected – XOR Gate

Gerald Donald's XOR Gate lands a glimpse into his vision of a machinic techno-future with new release 'Conic Sections'...

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Kotä: Selected Works of Experimental Music and Art Expo

The Russians aren't coming. But you can go to them. And should....

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Electronic Rock a Red Wedding? Bloody Beetroots (Interview)

Interview with Sir Bob of the Bloody Beetroots on the Electronic Con...

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Superefficient Cubic GaN LEDs Get the Green Light

New method for making green LEDs enhances their efficiency and brightness ...

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Peau froide, léger soleil (Vainio & Vigroux)

A review of the Cosmo Rhythmatic label's third release: Vanio & Vigroux's Peau Froid, Leger Soleil...

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Dieter Meier (Yello) Jazz Cafe 16th September

Dieter Meier (Yellow) Jazz Cafe 16th September...

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Troller : [Album Review]

Troller seem undecided which direction to go in – sepulchral or affirmative and this seems to be the sound of a group still in transit....

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Paul Catten – Themes and Variations for Strings and Electronics

Paul Catten - Themes and Variations for Strings and Electronics...

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