Always-On, All-the-Time: COVID in the World of 24/7 News

Two decades into a fundamentally new media environment, we’re still discovering the impact of the Internet on the information we consume — COVID-19 exposes some of the damage done....

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Keeping The Faith – The Billy Bragg Election Tour

This sold-out show was a call to arms that there is another way, and that we can take a great leap forwards to a fairer, more equal society....

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Antony Gormley in Talks With French Government

The UK sculptor is moving ahead with an ambitious installation located on the coast of Brittany, northern France. ...

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Britain, Take a Bow

A collaborative artwork between UK-based artists, filmmakers, typographers, musicians and software developers examines the British social and material landscape since the EU referendum....

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Desperately Seeking The Miraculous

Clad in black, with a grave yard bottle of Cherry B. Eyeliner tears streaked our faces as we listened to 'What Difference Does It Make'. Do you remember? Desperate Journalist takes us back there....

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Decimation of School Arts Impacting on Science and Medicine

Education charity the Edge Foundation calls for dramatic changes to the current national curriculum, arguing that creativity should be at the heart of all learning....

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Art on the Streets Exhibition

The posters invite the viewer to consider the role that visual activism can play in our everyday experience, highlighting the power of images to challenge and empower....

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Brexit & the Arts Industry

Are you interested in art? or in making and showing it? then you may need to think about Brexit, again!...

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Theresa May Brexits English to Death

Theresa May's Brexit speech was delusional, vapid and debased the English language. Didn't she do well?...

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Year Zero – Brexit and Nihilism

Sometimes we just have to state the obvious. Brexit is a bad idea. It has already split the country and gave voice to all manner of nasty beliefs once thought dead and buried....

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Brexit: It Was Ever Thus

Prescient plotical comment from the BBC, still relevant today....

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Are You Prepped? Post-Brexit Dirty Turkey Terror

Risk of 'dirty' turkey after Brexit if UK strikes a US trade deal...

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More Catastrophe! This time: Brexit and Food

UK not ready for Brexit's impact on food, report warns ...

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Democratic Stitch Ups and the Untouchable Will of the People

Autocracies fail in the long run because the people much prefer to oppress themselves than be oppressed...

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Kings Of The Ballot Box – What Democracies & Monarchies Have In Common

2016 was not a good year for democracy. This year could be worse. ...

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Brudging the Issue With the EU Referendum

We keep getting what we deserve and we never ask why. ...

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Brexit: The Betrayal of the Young

Put the kids in basement and lock the door. We don’t want them consorting with them bloody foreigners!...

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The Lash of Lord Edmonds: Imagining the Brexit Aftermath

Gentle and lighthearted musings on the Apocalyptic Gloom which might follow Brexit...

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe (Part Three)

Beyond nationalism, economics and finance, there are sound reasons for a unified Europe. Its bloody history among them. Essay...

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