Author: Keri O'Shea

Keri can usually be found contributing to Reprobate Press, where she covers a bit of everything, or writing and editing Warped Perspective, a website which features cult film, TV, art and books.

Mothra: Doom Engine

A demanding listen, this cult album seeks to push boundaries and shows that the band is dedicated to their own, distinctive modus operandi. ...

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The Forme to the Fynisment Foldes Ful Selden

A strong line-up balances reverence for old forms against modern storytelling in this worthwhile release to round off the Dark Britannica project....

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Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History

Interesting categorisation in this engaging tribute to the Metropolitan Museum of Art provides a different way to think about and see art....

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La Breiche: Le Rite

La Breiche's new album is a force of nature, immersive and carefully constructed, combining unorthodox elements but retaining a careful touch....

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21 Years in Hell: Marilyn Manson by Perou

A stylish photo study that's at least as much of a charm thanks to how photographer Ralph Perou places each image into context in his own inimitable way. ...

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A Very Queer Communion

This charming and disarming homage to a unique figure provides a backbone to the kinds of invasive physical performance for which Ron Athey is best known....

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Tunnels of ĀH Menaces in a Deathless Mind

Discordant industrial noise fractures into something new entirely, emphasising a rich, overwhelming soundscape....

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The Unnatural History Museum

Where many other, more famous museums may pay a nod here and there to the strange, the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is devoted to it....

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Bravado, Humility and Bloody-Mindedness

Alongside writer Olivier Bocquet, comic book artist Jean-Marc Rochette has created an unusual autobiographical account of his experiences as a climber....

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Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions from the USSR

A comprehensive collection in which to get lost and marvel at a time when whatever was plausible was seen as achievable....

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When It Disappears, the Energy Is Left

This meticulous first monograph on Adrián Villar Rojas notes an artist who has created some of the most memorable, unusual pieces in the past two decades....

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Video/Art: The First Fifty Years

Barbara London, the curator who founded MoMA's video programme, recounts the artists and events that defined video art over the last 50 years. ...

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French New Wave: A Revolution in Design

This meticulously researched book from Reel Art Press is an extensive collection of French New Wave posters, which were equally as innovative as the films themselves....

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The Dance of Death: A Vanitas

In this collection of cartoons loosely based on the Danse Macabre, Martin Rowson takes aim at a number of targets from 21st century life he deems significant....

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Harry Lange and the Design of the Landmark Science Fiction Film

The 2001 File: Harry Lange and the Design of the Landmark Science Fiction Film is a scrupulous study of a film’s inception and its progression through to finish....

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Black Sabbath: Black Magic

Whatever Tony Iommi was thinking when he wrote the riff to "Black Sabbath", he conjured something into being which made metal and the devil indivisible forever. ...

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An Inoculation That Never Quite Gets off the Ground

Tool's Fear Inoculum has some gorgeous moments, however, much of the album feels like promising intros which never quite get off the ground....

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