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Unleash The Tyraid

Underground Hip-Hop maverick Roqy Tyraid is returning to UK shores for a full headline run this August. So, what's he got in store for this side of the Atlantic?...

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Body Count Hit London – Locked And Loaded

 dropcap style=”font-size:100px; colour:#784468;”T/dropcaphe full might of pump action Cop Killers Body Count was about to be unleashed on London town and the night was gently lubed up...

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Nerdcore: Next Level Hip-Hop?

Trebuchet explores the Nerdcore Hip-Hop movement, its relationship with modern culture and music, and the issues with rigid genre categorization with help from Mega Ran, Sammus and Ben Knight....

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Carve + Gaze (Wen)

Cautiously affirmative urban angst meets minimalist structure and Gaze theory. Win!...

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Mega Ran, Illerstate, Razorrawks and more. Lancashire’s Other City Steps Forth

Rock, hip-hop and crossover grooves - urban stylings meet retro gaming geek culture ...

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Mixed Bag: Bleeds, Deluxe Version (Roots Manuva)

Remixed and reinvigorated, or bleeding a good album dry? Roots Manuva's Bleed, redux....

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Fun Lovin’ Criminals Reissue Come Find Yourself (and Tour)

Fun Lovin' Criminals reissue their breakthrough classic album and take it on tour...

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Reliable Witness. At the launch of Bleeds. (Roots Manuva)

Roots Manuva has become almost a national treasure – certainly to anyone with even the most passing interest in UK hip hop...

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Big bangs, pulsars, black holes and supernovas [Fujako]

Off-key gamelan clangs, swarming keyboards and pitch-slowed kickdrums hammer that recurring distopian atmosphere home...

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Busdriver : Perfect Hair

We are understandably fazed when approached by new aspects of music genres that are pushing the dimensions of their own genre to another space and alien neighbourhood. The fazing affect of finding a...

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Macklemore’s Grammy Gold

After pop rapper Macklemore took Grammy gold, many are crying cultural appropriation. ...

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Top Ten Rappers Who Produce

The rap game is hard to break into. Ask any "lyricist" trying to make it in the music business today - it's much harder to be successful as a rapper than it was 20 years ago. ...

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Albums of the Year: Editor’s Picks

If Lana Del Rey, Flying Lotus or Grimes aren't on any Trebuchet lists this year, it's certainly not because we haven't heard them (indeed, how could we miss them?). And we're not coming over all...

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DELS: Black Salad [EP]

The 'puttin' a bitch on the corner from the time I wuz fourteen, chill wit' my niggas, emceed my way up from the gutters' narrative that still, incomprehensibly, provides mid-west cornfed WASPs with...

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Bang On!: [Sic]

And, like many gobby kids with a sharp wit and an audience, he gets carried away at times. 'Picking fatties with big racks/ to lick their piss flaps/ like Johnny Vegas in drag' flies past, sexist and...

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