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Interviews on the Influence of Sol LeWitt

Dessane Lopez Cassell hosts a podcast discussing the Influence of American Minimalist Sol LeWitt....

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Laura Aguilar at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art

A comprehensive retrospective of the late photographer Laura Aguilar highlights her importance as a both an artist and activist ...

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Axel Stocks: Blood Painting Genealogist

Axel Stocks: A Blood Painter and Genealogist by Jeffrey Wengrofsky...

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Lone Star State Of Mind – Peeking Behind The Curtain With Jarrod Dickenson

There are certainly things to be avoided in Nashville as far as I’m concerned. But to me that’s a different business altogether and it’s a different thing, it’s really the entertainment...

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The Romance of Junk: Heartbreaker Walter Lure

Oral history on the 70s punk scene with Walter Lure of seminal punk band The Heartbreakers...

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I Had a Dream: Hatice Besun

Time and space are perhaps only a perception and a semantic construct. Hatice Besun Photography...

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Deeper Into the Hepatitis Bathtub

A booksigning followed by dinner should be simple. In newly-cleansed Manhattan, it's anything but...

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Occupying the Heart of the Beast: Wall Street Protest 2011

Occupying the Heart of the Beast: Observations, Amid the Multitudes in Liberty Plaza where both the winged spirit of commitment and the rag and bone shop of the heart abide. The ongoing exercise in...

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