Trebuchet Podcast 5 – Acclaim in Underground Comics

A podcast for the adventurous creative...

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Gorillaz Celebrate 20-Year Visual History With Graphic Annual

The Gorillaz Almanac, published by Z2 Comics, will feature 120-plus full-colour pages of Jamie Hewlett’s artwork for the band....

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Sotheby’s Announce Sale of Rare DC Comics from Private Collection of Music Producer Ian Levine

The selection comprises over 40,000 comics released between 1935 – 2014, featuring iconic American comic book characters such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman. ...

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An Able Tour Through the Bizarre and Horrific

Artist Krent Able is a man capable of creating stories and worlds which are truly surreal and macabre, yet remain oddly joyful....

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Deeply Real Mysticism: Wolf

Presented with a deep sense of whimsy, Rachael Ball's Wolf is a story about loss, and builds an impressive world to explore....

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Existential Sci-fi: I Feel Machine

If you enjoy a splash of life and warmth in your darkness, I Feel Machine might just be the collection of stories you've been waiting for. ...

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Mike Mignola Brings Michael Moorcock to Life

Hellboy creator and artist Mike Mignola, Batman artist Kelley Jones, and Eisner Award winning writer Mike Baron bring Michael Moorcock’s Chronicles of Corum comic to life in this brand-new...

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Comic Creators, Ex-Presidents and Oprah

Elderly males can get frisky. It’s a post-pubescent flare before death....

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Spectral Awakenings: Kazuki Takamatsu

Spectral and monochromatic, the post-tsunami art of Kazuki Takamatsu is a more mature form of manga...

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Jamie Hewlett: The Suggestionists (Saatchi Gallery)

Hewlett's three-part exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery sees the designer and artist's first UK show...

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The Death Ray Goes Underground (Comix, S Clay Wilson, Robert Crumb)

Underground comix gave space to bold and innovative talents who thrived in the ‘anything goes’ atmosphere following the summer of love....

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Doing the Cartoon Nasty: Bazooka Joe and the TJ Bible Belt (Part Two)

Bazooka Joe is a one eyed boy who heads a secret society and is named after a powerful projectile weapon. He was given life by an ex-pornographer then wrapped in wax and sold to children....

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Bazooka Joe and the TJ Bible Belt

By the roaring twenties a cinematic lens was steadily streaming increasingly deranged and lusty images out into the hinterlands of dullsville USA...

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‘The denseness of the work creates a mystery’ Russell Miller’s Dark Art

After his exhibition at Studio 73 in London, we catch up with the dark and macabre comic artist, Russell Miller ...

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Fraudulent Four: It’s time to sue 20th Century Fox for Fantastic Four

A hopeless mess without discernible form, sympathetic characters or clear narrative structure...

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Why Guardians of the Galaxy Sucked

They’ve made a successful film; the least they can do is follow up with a good one....

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The World’s Rarest Comic Book

The discovery of a medium grade copy in a thrift sale (following the death of Day’s daughter Gracia) has been confirmed....

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Shaky Kane : Interview

A pencil and a cheap drawing pad - those are the only tools you need, that and an idea bursting to get out the graphite running up that stick of wood'...

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Time is Tights : London Super Comics Convention

Modern corporate comics are creatively empty franchises that have completely lost touch with the general public....

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Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill signing

GOSH IT’S A HIPPY Sightings of the world’s best known comic writer are rarer than hen’s teeth these days. Gosh were honoured by his presence on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, seated...

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Kapow! Comic Convention: BDC, London

KAPOW COMIC CONVENTION Way back in the nineteen seventies super hero comics were only for the lonely (males). Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons nails the stereotype perfectly: bad hair, lousy posture,...

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