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Disenfranchised Youth: Love and Other Cults

Love and Other Cults, Third Window's second collaboration with Eiji Uchida, is a quirky comedy that holds deep sadness....

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‘Is That Funny?’ Comedy and Politics

Across the globe, the line between Comedy and Politics is growing ever more blurred. This event discusses the implications, and the punchlines, that result....

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Brexit: It Was Ever Thus

Prescient plotical comment from the BBC, still relevant today....

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Nitwit! Egghead! Twerp! Searching for the Funniest Words

Booty, booby, nitwit and hooter among the words which make us laugh most ...

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Reactive, Risky, Red: Lolitics Brings Back Lefty Laughs

Left turn raw topical comedy road tested for comfort...

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How Deep is Your Mom? (Tragedy, Live in Liverpool)

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”I/dropcap have seen many things in my years of gigging. Some were merely strange. Others, I would have put down to other things influencing...

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Loitered Lens: The Lounge Kittens

Photos from a rousing 100 Club performance by The Lounge Kittens...

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Are You Ready For Parenthood? Try This Simple Test!

The essential guide to whether you're ready for kids. Tongue may be slightly in cheek....

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Gospel Grunge with The King of Seattle (Elvana)

Elvis meets Nirvana for moshpit mashups at the O2 Academy. Uh huh....

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Abuse, Song, and MS: Laughing at The Doug Anthony All Stars

Brutally funny, irreverent and extremely politically incorrect....

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God Shave the Queen for the Art Bastard Show

West country wit and the sharp lancet of satire converge on the world of conceptual art. The Art Bastard show launches on YouTube...

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Cuddly Dictators and Visible Boredom: Lost in Karastan

Lost in Karastan is a slightly infuriating missed opportunity, albeit with some charm...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now? (Part Two)

Handling irony is like handling plutonium: you must be careful that the radiation doesn’t kill you, or at least rob you of the ability to make meanings and give force to ideas...

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Quick to Laugh: Genetic Trait or Witless Imbecile?

People with the short allele of 5-HTTLPR showed greater positive emotional expressions...

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The Real Deal : M. Patrik Romanskylov [Interview]

I’m the real deal. I had to add so many ‘Posts’ before the ‘Modern’ to make that distinction clear...

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Maria Kempinska, Jongleurs : Interview

Can a woman be beautiful and funny? I have heard many intelligent men say no, but I totally disagree. But the road to comedy fame is decidedly harder....

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Charlie Brooker is Rubbish – A Meditation

Brooker’s nosedive into Planet Shite was neither inevitable nor certain. We all get older, but we don’t have to get old....

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Total Kunt [Interview]

I think my song ‘Santa’s Sack’ would be perfect for the John Lewis Christmas ad campaign but there seems to be a big industry conspiracy against me for some reason....

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Kunt and the Gang : Long Island, Rickmansworth

An evening of total past the knuckle filth for one evening only at Long Island, Rickmansworth....

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Trailer Park Boys come to UK

The Trailer Park Boys stage show comes to Hammersmith Apollo for one night only on Friday 3rd May. Be ready....

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House of Burlesque: Shipwrecked [Review]

The questions here are, is Burlesque exploitative? Does it reinforce cultural and sexual attitudes that are complicit in sexual harassment or is this just a great medium of feminist expression and a...

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