Into the Appalachians [Tour Diary]

‘A single lane road etched through this land that’s not the north, or south, that’s forgotten by the east but far from the west. If you pointed a rifle at the vast nothing that encompasses the bottom of the mid-Atlantic, we would be the pinhole in the crosshairs.’ Tour Diary, Silent Old Mountains (read more)


Big Boys Gone Bananas* [Film]

Back in 2009 director Frederik Gertten was scheduled to premiere his latest film at the LA Film Festival. Called simply Bananas, it dealt with alleged abuses suffered by Nicaraguan workers who worked for the Dole Food Company, an international corporation and the world’s biggest producer of fruit.
The rest of the film deals with Fred’s doggedly phlegmatic attempt to clear his name, while gathering an unlikely bunch of supporters including a charmingly scruffy nerd/blogger, a burger chain and the entire Swedish Parliament. (read more)


Welfare Greed

A Danish researcher has compared two of the most different welfare systems in the western world. Despite the differences, the research shows surprising similarities in the way in which people in the USA and Denmark perceive the deservingness of welfare recipients. (read more)


Hot as Hell, But Where’s the Hottest?

“This investigation demonstrates that, because of continued improvements in meteorology and climatology, researchers can now reanalyze past weather records in much more detail and with greater precision than ever before,” Cerveny explained. “The end result is an even better set of data for analysis of important global and regional questions involving climate change.” (read more)


Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites Pt 3

If the current management of the Church of Scientology were not so keen to airbrush all aspects of its founder’s life and work we would have a much clearer idea of his motives for infiltrating himself so deeply into the world of the occult. After all why shouldn’t a man, who was on the verge of creating, ‘‘both the means and the tech to save mankind’’ seek to discover the depth and heights to which the human condition aspires? And where better to find these extremities than in the intense psychodrama of ritual magic? (read more)

hubbard (copyright unknown)

Hubbardites vs Crowleyites pt 2

Jack and Ron moved into territory well beyond any official OTO rituals documented at that time. Elementals were invoked then banished, Aethyrs were called, complicated texts were recited from memory, there were windstorms, knocking sounds in the night, ritual masturbations and towards the end a buzzing, metallic voice crying out ‘‘let me go free’’.
(read more)


Viza: Interview

So do they think that music can change the world? Chris told me, “I think it could. I think it allows people, it gives people an outlet. It gives people I guess the right to think freely or express themselves more freely in different ways. They can explore themselves and use different styles and sounds and I think it’s a part of what we try to do as well, just kind of bringing different cultures. (read more)


Rival Sons: Interview

What we do together is pretty fun but you need a producer who’s decisive, especially with us, because we ARE ‘Rival Sons’. We are like; he’s seeing it this way, I’m seeing that way, Scott is seeing it this way, James is definitely seeing it his way.

You need a fifth guy that everybody respects to go, ‘No it’s in the key of E’ and Robin goes ‘alright’. (read more)


After the Fireworks: 4th July, Higgs Boson, and notions of independence

On July 4, the people of the U.S. marked the passing of another year’s perfunctory, Independence Day festivities.

The date, also, was occasioned by the formal announcement from physicists at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) that, according to the banner headline at CERN’s official website, “Higgs within reach […] Our understanding of the universe is about to change […] [Our] experiments see strong indications for the presence of a new particle, which could be the Higgs boson.” (read more)