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Aesthetics and the Art of Audio Field Recording

'What is the artistic element of so seemingly ‘passive’ an activity as pointing a mic and pushing the record button?' Steven Miller teaches us how to record, and how to listen....

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Lux Lives – Long Live Lux Interior

We raise a large glass in honour of Lux coming into this world and into our lives. Long live Lux Interior. One very important message from the scriptures of Interior is to love life, live with a...

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Why ‘Chav’ is a Feminist Issue

The discourse around ‘chavs’ can be a cover for denigrating the social agency and sexual autonomy of working-class women, as well as wider political attacks on the working class. ...

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Soundscape Ecology : interview with Steven M.Miller

Sound has this wonderful ability to slip past our defenses and infiltrate our experience of place in ways we aren’t aware of, yet respond to nonetheless. Music is just one aspect of this much...

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Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things

These forms act like vague memories of Lucasʼs former glories.The subject of art history and the idea of art as an object is referenced in them, Lucasʼs stance on the subject seemingly quite glib. ...

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