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Catching HIV

Public health officials in New York City have launched a successful program to locate HIV -positive patients and reconnect them with treatment service....

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Minority Drinks

African-American and Latino children may be replacing soda with 100 percent fruit juice while their white peers are not. Minority Drinks are Sweet apparently. ...

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Steeleye Span to Play Cambridge

Steeleye Span to Play Cambridge Folk Festival 27th July 2013...

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Cop shoot Cop

While occupational homicides continue to decline in the U.S., law enforcement remains one of the deadliest jobs in America. ...

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Animal Cognition

Animal Cognition: According to standard theory, the best response to current circumstances should be unaffected by what has happened in the past...

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Wedding Bells for Kid Congo Powers

Kid Congo Powers announces his marriage to Ryan Hill...

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I like your Big Feet

The Karo Batak, who mostly live in scattered rural villages in the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, deem women with big feet as more appealing....

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A Pound of Sharks

Sharks are worth more in the ocean than in a bowl of soup...

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Brain makes Valium

Researchers have found that a naturally occurring protein secreted only in discrete areas of the mammalian brain may act as a Valium-like brake on certain types of epileptic seizures....

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THC good for Brain Damage

Extremely low doses of marijuana's psychoactive component ( THC ) protect brain before and after injury...

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Pedometers Motivates Heavy Feet

"Pedometers can help motivate people to get up and out more" - say lab bound scientists...

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David Lynch New Album [Video]

David Lynch describing his style of music as “modern blues,” says the songwriting process for his new album, The Big Dream, was similar to his debut. ...

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Evidence of Mars Water

Mars Water? Rocks analyzed by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover team provide solid evidence that Mars had rivers or streams ...

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Climate Change Threatens Fish Extinction

Top 20 native California fish at risk of fish extinction from climate change...

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Mars Attacks

Exposure to radiation has long been known to be a problem for participants in deep space missions - how much risk is there going to Mars...

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Company Profits at Workers Cost

The decline of labor unions, is the main reason why U.S. corporate profits have surged while workers' wages and other compensation have declined....

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Making cancer less cancerous

Taming the "master regulator" gene may be the key to developing a new treatment for cancerous tumors resistant to current cancer drugs...

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Monkey math

Opposing thumbs, expressive faces, complex social systems: it's hard to miss the similarities between apes, humans and monkey maths. ...

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The Marijuana Cigarette Superhighway

Teen smokers who rationalize their use of cigarettes by saying, "At least, I'm not doing drugs," may not always be able to use 'that line' Marijuana Panic...

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Ministry Release Live Album/DVD

“Seriously, the Wacken show was special,” Jourgensen says. “The crowd was great and the band were so tight and heavy, they blew everyone away."...

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Mythbusting Cougars

Study shows so-called cougars, sugar daddies more myth than reality - those with older or younger spouses tend to have lower earnings, less education...

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20% Suicidal Youths Have Guns

Suicidal Youths : Researchers say emergency department doctors should screen all pediatric patients for suicide risk...

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250 Muse Tickets to be Won!

Win one of 250 pairs of free tickets available to see Muse perform live from Horse Guards Parade Ground, St. James’s Park. 2nd June....

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Light particles illuminate the vacuum

In a vacuum, there is energy and noise, the existence of which follows the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics....

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