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Fires Within Fires (Neurosis)

A perfect if less mindblowing record from post-rock doomfathers Neurosis...

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Neurosis: Honor Found in Decay

Trebuchet reviews the atmospheric tribal militarism of Neurosis: Honor Found in Decay...

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Neurosis and Godflesh to Play London Show

Having recently divulged details of the brand new studio album, Honor Found In Decay by Neurosis and their ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival appearance, we can now proudly announce a very...

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Neurosis Announce New Album No.10

‘In December 2010 I witnessed rock and roll’s nadir, the point where you look upon a crowd of stupid fucks and wish that each and every one of them would fucking die. My disgust cannot know...

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Neurosis – KOKO, London, UK

In December 2010 I witnessed rock and roll’s nadir, the point where you look upon a crowd of stupid fucks and wish that each and every one of them would fucking die....

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Musical Adventures for an Opening 2021.

Trebuchet’s subjective musical round up looks at releases by Divide and Dissolve, Memoriam, Stone Giants/Amon Tobin, LNZNDRF, Kaktus Einarsson, Melvins, Ya Tseen, Tomahawk, DJINN, Godspeed You...

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Hymns of Isolation: No Wilderness Deep Enough

No Wilderness Deep Enough, the devastating new record from Neurosis' Steve Von Till, is a masterful exploration of darkness and texture. Epic!...

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Loitered Lens: Mirrors for Psychic Warfare

Scott Kelly's new project Mirrors For Psychic Warfare touches down in Camden's Unicorn. ...

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Winter’s Purity: New Model Army, Kentish Town Forum

Protest, Politics, Purity. New Model Army at the Kentish Town Forum...

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Damnation 2015 Festival Recap

A review of Damnation 2015 festival. 7th november Leeds University....

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Deep thrills: Amenra & High on Fire (Damnation 2015)

Damnation festival: 7th November 2015. Leeds University Union. ...

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Industrial, metallic and alienating, Melk En Honing (Author & Punisher)

Similar in both subject matter and delivery to Godflesh, Ministry and Killing Joke, you'd expect this to be neither an immediate nor an uplifting experience. However.... ...

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Pelican : Forever Becoming

Huge yetis pound and penis dragons as Vikings traverse heavy seas towards dimension holes guarded by bong-sucking Freudian anachronisms. Pelican deliver the music, you add the narrative....

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Obelyskkh : Hymn to Pan

What we have here is a doom sound with strong prog and alt rock influences. Also, fucking squirrels. ...

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Master Musicians of Bukkake : Far West

This is unashamedly music for musos... there are rapid and unpredictable chord changes, sudden transitions in tempo and then multipart drone...

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Aidan Baker : Already Drowning

seven portraits of acoustic melancholy, distorted love and gothic eroticism...

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Vulgaari : Vulgaari

Vulgaari by Vulgaari is such a mind numbing record that it should be the centrepiece in a church to mental restraint. - An Everyman Review of Good Ole Metal...

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Scott Kelly, Live

Bringing some much-needed light to London's Black Heart next week, Kelly will play songs from both of his most recent albums: Songs of Townes Van Zandt and The Forgiven Ghost in Me....

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UFOMammut: instinctual tones – interview.

With a name that combines the weighty presence of an extinct mammal and the fancy of controversial space vehicles expect herbal smoke tinged religious commentary, long hair, and unhurried...

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Simian Ghost [Live]

'a loungy, laid back world of observations and occurrences' Trebuchet's Samantha Chamberlain reviews Simian Ghost live at Surya. Simian Ghost, Suraya, Kings Cross. 10th April. Sebastian...

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Bloodiest – Descent

How often when listening to a new metal band do you stick on the record, sit through it for the duration then ask yourself the question, “What the fuck?” For me that doesn’t happen...

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Fen – Epoch

(Code666 Feb2011) Shouted whispers across a hunter’s field. Epoch is the intense third release for this English quartet that owes as much to Alan Moore as it does to King Crimson. This is a...

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