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Downfall of Nothing! (Nervosa)

Thrash Metal is a scene dominated by the same old household names... Can some fresh faces in Brazilian upstarts Nervosa clamber onto that level, too, with new album 'Downfall of Mankind'?...

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Pissed Regardless – Feed The Birds (Review)

Crossover Thrash is a fickle beast. Have Californian newcomers Pissed Regardless managed to crack the code with their sophomore EP effort 'Feed The Birds'? Fraggle investigates....

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Tankard – A Compilation of Inebriation

Thrash Metal, like most genres, has its tropes. Those same reoccurring themes which pop up in the lyrics, inspirations or meanings behind the songs....

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Death, Thrash, Horror. No Garlic: With Primeval Force (Vampire)

Vampire's second album, With Primeval Force, has all the fangs it needs...

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The dissonant tritone thing is very particular: Vovoid (Interview)

Vovoid's Denis 'Snake' Bélanger shares some nuggets (of wisdom) at Camden's Underworld...

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We just count on four and yell. Nico Elgstrand interview (Entombed A.D.)

Catching up with Entombed A.D.'s Nico Elgstrand for Grieg, Mozart and some yelling....

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I ballroom danced in Norwich the other night: King Parrot (Interview)

Extreme metal never smelled so bad. King Parrot's Matthew Young on dreams, dancing and digestion....

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A Refined and Technical Stitch Up: Autopsy (Coroner)

Reanimating the corpse of a tech metal troupe who should have been HUGE...

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Killer Cocktail: Incoming Death (Asphyx)

Fusing doom and death, and even a touch of thrash, Asphyx get the balance spot-on...

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Summer Dies Slowly: August Metal Meltdown

A summer of death, filth, junkie Olympians and the Zika virus needs an appropriate soundtrack. Metal meltdown ahoy....

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Beyond the Big Four. Unheralded but Solid Thrash (Flotsam & Jestsam)

Will it float, or should we jettison it? Flotsam & Jetsam dish up the thrash....

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Dark, Relentless Glory: Monthly Metal Medley

In the midst of death... Heavy Metal, that most persistent and insidious weed, offers up new releases from Witchcraft, Ghost Witch, Gomorrah and Conan. We review....

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When Society Starts to Eat Itself: Dystopia (Megadeth)

Lyrics decrying the state of today's society delivered with a backdrop of technically precise and relentless thrash, Mustaine and his boys prove that there is still life in the Megadeth machine. ...

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