And Phil Kept Falling

Berkeley in the early fifties was a hotbed of radical thought and a young Phil stumbled through it with an impish sense of humour alienating Marxists, Trotskyites and ‘free thinkers’ alike with his radical and often whimsical opinions. (read more)


The Man With the Neutron Gun

‘If you want to pull off this kind of high-wire surrealist polemic, you need to write with confidence and daring. Even if your daily existence off the page is fractured by neurotic behaviour patterns.’ SWP muses on Gerry Reith’s Neutron Gun (read more)


Fringe, It’s Quatertastic!

Insectoid Martian colonizers buried for millions of years under an East End tube station, hauntings by ghosts of extra-terrestrials, biological food vats that turn out to be alien life forms attempting to re-terraform the planet, showers of small meteors filled with mind altering substances, and silent uniformed men in black helmets guarding the chemical plant at the Newtown on Winnerton flats. (read more)