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Nerdcore: Next Level Hip-Hop?

Trebuchet explores the Nerdcore Hip-Hop movement, its relationship with modern culture and music, and the issues with rigid genre categorization with help from Mega Ran, Sammus and Ben Knight....

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Farewell Tim Hall. Writer, Superfan, Friend

A fond farewell to a most eclectic of souls. Safe journey, Tim....

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Need a Cure for Video Gaming Depression? Try Social Media Depression

Those who play games more than four hours a day may not develop addiction-like problems if they are socially engaged with others...

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Into the Catacomb Abyss (Unearthed Elf)

Epic without being overblown, Unearthed Elf plunders the dungeon...

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Are You Enjoying Your Video Game? Computer Says No

Introducing the Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS), a psychometrically validated instrument that measures satisfaction...

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Do You Want Shinier Computer Graphics? You Got ‘Em

UCSD technicians unveil new techniques for creating shiny computer graphics for film, games and TV. Report...

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Shake Dem Pixels: Sexualization in Video Games Down

Sexualizaton of female video game characters has diminished since the 1990s ...

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Digital Practise Makes Reality Perfect. Yes, motion-controlled video games help you learn.

Motion-controlled video games may improve real world skills ...

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You Thought You Were Anonymous?! What Your Video Gaming Reveals

Video games can provide a wealth of useful population-level information on developmental, cognitive and psychological processes....

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Reflections on Gamergate

There are valid points about censorship and freedom of expression to be made, but this fatally-tainted hashtag isn't an appropriate vehicle for it....

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The Strange Conservatism of Dead Space

It is all too seductive to think that cynicism is insight and pessimism is practicality, but while it is easy to hurl horror and splatter at the gamer, it is taboo to make a case for progress or the...

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Pokemon & face-recognition processes

As human beings, we have a highly sensitive and efficient cognitive and neural mechanism for recognizing faces. Pokemon provides useful tools for facial recognition. ...

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Trapped in a Raid: Psychology and World of Warcraft

The sense of immersion in role-play and computer games is sometimes viewed as dangerous, as players' strong perceptions of fictional worlds are assumed to make them lose contact with reality. ...

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