How Goldfish Make Alcohol

Scientists reveal how goldfish make alcohol to survive without oxygen ...

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Beats Botox! Dog Walking Keeps You Younger Longer

Dog walking could be key to ensuring activity in later life ...

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Bite Me, Reptiles! Mammals Had Venom First

A kiss of death -- mammals were the first animals to produce venom ...

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No Walls in Nature: Range Expansion in the Animal World

Challenging traditional theories on organisms' 'range expansion'...

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Chicken – Finger Lickin’ Caring and Intelligent

Review looks at studies on chicken intelligence, social development and emotions...

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That Time You Went Away? Your Dogs Remember

Your dogs are paying attention and they'll remember...

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Born Slippy: The Freaky Chemistry of the Pacific Spiny Dogfish Shark

How sharks recycle toxic ammonia to keep their skin moist ...

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Honey, Quit Harshing My Buzz: Bumblebees Hit the Woozy Gravy

When Bees Are Buzzed, Their Behavior Changes...

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Could Goats be Your Next Pet? Intelligent, Loyal (and Delicious)

Empathy and Need - Could goats become man's best friend? ...

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Caring Canines. Do Dogs Do Christmas Too?

Dogs truly behave prosocially toward other dogs....

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Not So Dumb-o. Leafblower Elephants Get the Goodies

Elephants may use trunks like 'leaf blowers' to obtain inaccessible food ...

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The Slaver and the Snarl. Dog Bites (and avoiding them)

There was a common tendency for victims to blame themselves for the attack, rather than the animal...

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Crocodiles Like To Play Too

Research shows that crocodilians engage in all three main types of play distinguished by behavior specialists...

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All Speed, No Control. Daft Beetles

To take the sprinting gold from the tiger beetle, a person would have to hit 480 miles per hour....

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Dogs learn human behaviour

dogs are able to reproduce familiar actions and novel actions after different delays ̶ familiar actions after intervals as long as ten minutes; novel tasks after a delay of one minute...

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Chimps Cash Their Chance Chips

Chimpanzees, bonobos exhibit emotional responses to outcomes of decision-making. Chimps Cash ? It's bananas of course....

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Animal Cognition

Animal Cognition: According to standard theory, the best response to current circumstances should be unaffected by what has happened in the past...

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Monkey math

Opposing thumbs, expressive faces, complex social systems: it's hard to miss the similarities between apes, humans and monkey maths. ...

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Extreme hearing animal

Researchers discover world's most extreme hearing animal...

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Following Whalesong

Male humpback whales sing complex whalesong in tropical waters during the winter breeding season...

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Extraverted gorillas enjoy longer lives

Gorillas with an extravert personality live longer than their more introverted peers, a study suggests....

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Drunken Tweets Not Confined to Humans

'all the dead birds had become intoxicated on fermented berries, and that some of the injuries they had sustained were the result of mid-air collisions'. Drunken Birds....

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