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Sylvan Dreaming with the Wildwood Kin

Sister act Wildwood Kin prove the rule of harmonious juxtaposition at Islington Academy...

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Triple Threat. Actually, Double Threat. But Still Threatening! (Annihilator)

Blistering solos and overwhelming speed/thrash grooves, even on acoustic dreadnoughts...

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Atmospherics and Optigans, Soundscapes and Steinways [Jacco Gardner]

From swirling layered atmospherics to stripped-down minimalism and back again, it all hangs together well as a coherent whole...

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Luna Rossa : Secrets and Lies

Luna Rossa increasingly feels not so much "Panic Room unplugged" as a separate parallel band in its own right. ...

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Taylor Momsen, Acoustic [Live]

When she chooses, Momsen has the ability to convey emotion, forgivably narcissistic emotion, but emotion nonetheless....

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Nick Harper : Interview

'no two people hear music or even see the world in the same way, and it’s your vision that counts for you in the end' ...

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Buzz Osbourne : This Machine Kills Artists

Buzz Osbourne once again unearths past music clichés in a way that makes them feel undead and hungry....

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Luna Rossa : Interview

'The Sleeping Pills & Lullabies title was an idea of mine. It was the idea of two different ways of falling asleep…'...

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Ben Caplan [Live]

Ben Caplan would help me get over these prejudices, or at least not think about them too much. Partly because he has a beard you could catch a badger in, but most importantly, because he’s...

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Declan Sinnott: I Love the Noise it Makes

Adult Acoustic. A domain legendarily populated by the troubled, drunk, sex mad, violent and jail-prone stereotypes that rarely trouble the charts, but in Declan Sinnott they might be given a...

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