Cannibalisation: recycling of recyclings of recyclings [Asmus Tietchens : Fahl]

Does the strategy of infinite recycling accrue a new aesthetic or degrade the existing one?...

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High Definition sonic adventures: Joe Snape in 24-Bit

aysayers love to make sweeping judgements about 24-bit sound reproduction. The physical capabilties of the human ear provide a favourite taunting point. What is the point of a technology which can...

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Our ‘songlines’ are contained in our technology, we are technological beings [Cristian Vogel]

ith releases spanning two decades, Cristian Vogel is widely recognised as one of the more thoughtful and inventive producers of his time. In the 1990s he produced extremely innovative techno and...

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Unconscious Archives #13

An international line up of live audiovisual improvisations producing tangible sound and visceral vision, corporeal signals and audience interference....

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Video: Wildhearts and Napalm Death in Mutation

Video: Mutation, the collective helmed by Ginger Wildheart, is streaming “Relentless Confliction,” from the band’s forthcoming debut Error 500 (released via Ipecac, Oct. 28)...

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Polar Bear London Gig

On October 4 Polar Bear will play a headline show at Bishopsgate Institute, their only London date of 2013. The band will be performing entirely new material....

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Guapo – to play again!

Guapo and Stars in Battledress to play Thursday 25 April @ Corsica Studios, London. Tickets here. ...

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Mike Patton – The Solitude of Prime Numbers

The Solitude Of Prime Numbers by Mike Patton is out now on Ipecac...

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Hey Colossus – RRR

Some albums create such a palpable atmosphere of pure rebellious force they create a burning sensation in your chest; Hey Colossus’ RRR is rock and roll firewater....

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