Author: Kerry Anne Mendoza

Kerry-Anne Mendoza is author of the Scriptonite Daily Blog: She is also a contributor to New Internationalist, openDemocracy and the Occupy News Network. She is a writer, activist and campaigner for social, economic and environmental justice.

Privatising Child Protection

Protection of vulnerable children is not possible if those delivering the services are not obliged to follow established rules....

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About Political Correctness

Political correctness is not actually about quelling ‘freedom of speech’ for the sake of defending others from offense....

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11 Months Old and Jailed By Israel

With its brutalization of children, Israel is sowing the seeds for a bloody and hate filled future....

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The BBC Is Snooping on You

The BBC regularly uses spying powers granted under The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, intended for the interception of communications by terrorists....

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In Gaza : Israel’s War on Children

Not only are their homes destroyed, but their entire families have been wiped out. What is the future of these children?...

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In Gaza : The Aftermath of Hell

I fail to see the military value of these targets. It feels more like a terror campaign to beat any notion of statehood out of Gaza’s population....

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In Gaza : Yesterday Pregnant, Today Dead

Die, slowly and forgotten inside the world’s largest open prison – or push for freedom? Gaza's choice. ...

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In Gaza : ‘They Gassed Us in Our Beds’

F-16s roar across the sky, drones buzz, and the deep thud of shelling can be heard....

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They Shot My Baby Dead in My Arms : Gaza

“We will not anymore live like animals. Let us live in dignity, or die with honour.”...

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Austerity = Kids Eating from Bins

Logic has been ignored – and now we have children eating scraps from bins to survive. ...

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The NHS ‘Permanent Frontier’

We either acquiesce to the piecemeal destruction of our public services, or we remove all support for those who seek to destroy them....

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UKIP Turn to Police to Censor Twitter

When a political party and its members seek to use the police or lawyers to silence legitimate criticism of their policies in the run-up to an election, we cannot merely cuss about it....

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This is not a Government : This is a Mafia

This government, with unprecedented audacity and speed, are transforming our nation run on laws and institutions, into one run on patronage and privilege – more like a mafia of the 1% than a...

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Gagging the Opposition

The UK Parliament has just passed a new gagging law. How will gagging affect a loyal opposition?...

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50 Years of Social Progress. Reversed.

People born in the 1960’s and 70’s will retire poorer than their parents...

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Dear Media, Where Were You?

A few days ago on 5th November, hacktivist group Anonymous succeeded in mobilising hundreds of thousands of people in 477 locations in over 150 countries around the world. ...

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Britain is Booming?

A real world recession for the majority is applauded as a recovery, when all that is recovered are the profits for transnational corporations, and incomes of high earners, most of whom pay little or...

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Fracking: The Battle for Balcombe

Balcombe has become the front line in the battle against not simply fracking – but our right to have a say in the big decisions that shape our world...

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The Birth of a Police State

The UK government is about to pass legislation which will make any behaviour perceived to potentially ‘cause nuisance or annoyance’ a criminal offence....

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Woolwich and Terror

Did you notice how all terrorists used to be Irish? And suddenly, they are all Muslims? Well, they’re not. But if the media agenda is Irish Terror, or Muslim Terror, then it can start to look...

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