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Snuggle or Die: Sociable Monkeys More Likely to Survive Winter

A new study is the first to show that social huddling may be a mechanism that connects social bonding to higher fitness....

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Repairing the Rainforest – It Works!

Restored forest now shelters dozens of endangered species ...

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The Biology of Colour (and Why There are No Purple Cows)

Study explores advances and challenges in the field of animal coloration...

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When the Whine… Stops. How to Manipulate Mosquitoes

Researchers use light to manipulate mosquitoes ...

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Did You Know When Aussie Brown Snakes are even MORE Venomous?

Discovering the key to what makes the Eastern Brown Snake's venom even more potent...

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Know Your Moles: The Star-Nosed Mole

Strange-looking creature yields surprising insights about nerves, brains and extreme adaptation...

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Going Anywhere for your Hols? Basking Sharks like Winter Sun too.

Winter habits of Britain's basking sharks revealed ...

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Bite Me, Reptiles! Mammals Had Venom First

A kiss of death -- mammals were the first animals to produce venom ...

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No Walls in Nature: Range Expansion in the Animal World

Challenging traditional theories on organisms' 'range expansion'...

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More Moth News! Foreign Moths Invade EU!

Southern hemisphere moth species now resident in Portugal ...

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Donald Trump Moth Discovered… On the Mexican Border

New species of moth named in honor of Donald Trump ahead of his swearing-in as president ...

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Check Your Pants! This Ethiopian Ant Could Conquer the World

New dominant ant species discovered in Ethiopia shows potential for global invasion ...

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No, Really. You Definitely Won’t Guess What’s Cooling the Arctic

An unexpected ally in the fight against climate change. ...

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‘A thousand thousand slimy things…’: Sea Snakes in Iran

Iranian coastal waters: New home to a rarely seen venomous sea snake ...

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What We Just Learned About the Greenland Shark

The unexpected title holder for the world's longest-living vertebrate...

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Aphex Fin. Zoologists Reveal the Only Other Animal That Can Keep a Beat

Ronan the sea-lion: Best beat-keeper in the animal kingdom...

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You’ve Heard of Catfishing, but Are You Protected Against Rare Blind Catfish?

Rare, blind catfish never before found in US discovered in national park cave in Texas ...

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How to Castrate a Hippo

The procedure is notoriously difficult due to problems with anaesthesia and difficulties in locating the testes....

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