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HRC: Are We SURE She’s Better than Trump?

A vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton OR for Donald Trump merely confirms that we get the leaders we deserve...

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A Sheepdog’s Trials: Bernie Bows Out

True to form, the sheepdog that is Bernie Sanders rolls over for Mummy. ...

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Killer Hillary or the Lumpentrumpetariat; On Choosing the Lesser of two Evils

A presidency headed by either Donald Trump or the Clinton Cartel will make the world a more dangerous place. Essay...

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Does Bernie Have the Balls for an Independent Sanders Bid?

Beaten by the occult machinations of the Democratic National Committee, should Sanders mount his own campaign?...

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Madam Hillary: A Timeline of Serving the Powerful

A presidential hopeful reserves the right to change her mind, but Hillary Clinton repeatedly shows that this lady IS for turning....

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Hillary’s Hair-Trigger Partisans Versus Trump’s Smalltown Nostalgists. A Zero Sum Game

In a battle between Trump and Clinton, should it come to that, no-one wins. Essay...

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Feel the Bern if it Makes You Happy, but Don’t Hope For a Fairytale Ending

Sanders as president is a dream too far, writes Phil Rockstroh from New York...

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Sanders’ Super Tuesday Smackdown? The Surprise is that he made it this far.

Still Hope for Sanders? Not unless you hope he'll roll over for Hillary. Super Tuesday, reaction....

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Adios, Sandernistas, Clintons Don’t Take Kindly to Revolution

Slurs and superdelegates. Now that Sanders has rattled the Clinton camp, the slapdown begins. Essay...

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Trumped, But Not Out. Identity Politics in America, and the new Other

An essay on how demographics have changed America, and how this affects the politics of identity....

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Not in it to Win it – Calling Out The Bernie Sanders Bluff

The barriers that Sanders cannot overcome involve the manner in which the Democratic Party primary system is devised...

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