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A Sheepdog’s Trials: Bernie Bows Out

True to form, the sheepdog that is Bernie Sanders rolls over for Mummy.

papa che by Dan Booth

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]M[/dropcap]y last day as a resident of New York, on The East River Promenade, with my good friend, Hiroyuki Hamada.

Headed south, I needed the breath of friendship to encounter the ghosts of my past.

Now, in Georgia, memory merges with the humid air of High Summer. I wince, gazing upon heat shimmers shaking the air above Atlanta traffic. I’ve left the inhuman right angles of Manhattan’s grid for the anfractuous asphalt sprawl of corrupt zoning practices passing itself off as the city known as Atlanta.

I have lived elsewhere for decades thus most of the familiar landmarks are gone. yet relentless ghosts are able to follow touchstones of my psychical scars in order to locate me – a GPS technology well known to the shades of memory.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has finally removed any doubt the veracity of the accusation that he is and has always intended to serve as Hillary The Horrible’s sheep dog. By his actions on the podium in New Hampshire, he has revealed he is as epic a phony as she is.An illustration by Dan Booth

Hillary Clinton’s role in public life is anathema to everything Bernie and his believers claim to represent i.e., craven corporatism and belligerent militarism. Every word – every syllable – emergent from the shape-shifter is fraudulent, unless she is pledging to levy military aggression. Her actions prove credible in that regard.

Comrade Bernie stood behind her on the podium and nodded obsequiously at her every lying utterance. Good doggy. Nice doggy. Good job boy. Perhaps if you keep up the good work, the Clinton Cartel will create a new cabinet post just for you: The Department Of Sheep Dogging.

Yet Bernie, all living things are possessed of a soul, including sheepdogs. Alas in pledging your allegiance to the shape-shifting corporate shill that is Hillary Rodham Clinton, you have proven you are bereft of one.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission from the artist.


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