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Killer Hillary or the Lumpentrumpetariat; On Choosing the Lesser of two Evils

A presidency headed by either Donald Trump or the Clinton Cartel will make the world a more dangerous place. Essay

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onald Trump’s racism and sexism are the only thing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has going for it.

And it is a sad and pathetic spectacle.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s neoliberal policies e.g., their coddling of Wall Street/corporate crooks as they allowed the middle, working class, and poor to remain victims of unfettered capitalism’s relentless predation, created a sense of powerlessness among the economically burdened and besieged populace that can and will be exploited by right wing demagogues.

In reality, Obama and the Clintons, and the myriad and sundry hacks of the High Dollar-owned and operated Democratic Party, share a great amount of blame for the rise of Trump and the displaced, racist, sub-cretinous rage of his Lumpentrumpetariat.

Almost the entire U.S. political class is united in their contempt for Donald Trump. The great unspoken regarding the Trump phenomenon is: Their bipartisan neoliberal policies destroyed the working and middle classes thus set the stage for Trump’s demagoguery to resonate.

They might not like nor respect him, but like Dr. Frankenstein, they created the monster.kong by Dan Booth

Yet: If a majority of the voting public are repulsed by Trump’s racism and sexism – which is not guaranteed – then Clinton will benefit from a dismal situation she was instrumental in creating. Either way, under a presidency of Trump or the Clinton Cartel, the world becomes a more dangerous place, and brings into stark relief yet more evidence that late stage capitalism has entered a state of entropic runaway.

In terms of human affairs, the systemic adjustment known as entropic runaway is known as mass tragedy. In short, ossified and corrupt power does not die young and beautiful, and it takes vast numbers of hapless victims with it.

After numerous encounters with Hillaryites, one can see where their affinity with Hillary Rodham Clinton lies i.e., playing the victim as camouflage for their own privilege and proclivity for aggression.

“We came; we saw; we flailed ad hominems; you’re blocked.”

Yet, Clinton’s and her supporters’ tactic may cause her to lose to Trump. Why? Other than the fact that corrupt-to-the-very core war mongers cannot pull off the role of victim in a convincing manner, her act only serves to reveal her phoniness.

So good luck, Hillaryites, with your Clinton casuistry and general obtuse belligerence. Let’s see how that works out for you in the end.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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