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Hillary’s Hair-Trigger Partisans Versus Trump’s Smalltown Nostalgists. A Zero Sum Game

In a battle between Trump and Clinton, should it come to that, no-one wins. Essay

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]U[/dropcap]nderstandable to all but Empress-in-Waiting Hillary’s partisans, people harbour disdain and mistrust.

Hence, those people will not be motivated to vote for her, due to the fact she is the embodiment of the status quo of corporacratic wage and debt slavery, wealth inequity, and the general shitshow of neoliberal economics, national security/surveillance/police state despotism, and perpetual war. It should be easy to discern why the young will not exactly clamor to the polls to cast a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.An illustration by Dan Booth

In contrast, Trump’s appeal to his downwardly mobile working and middle class followers involves their inchoate yearnings for a world that exists in only their sepia-toned imaginations. Fascism always evokes a sense of nostalgia. They cannot envisage a place for themselves in the status quo; hence, they pine for the return of an idealized past.

This unappealing Zeitgeist bodes ill for a Hillary Clinton victory over Donald Trump. When elites strive to preserve a status quo that serves only themselves, they seed little else but apathy and resentment. The hollowness at the core of U.S. neoliberal culture and its pseudo values of celebrity worship and White entitlement is a receptacle for Trump’s style of fascist animus.

Like 1968 and 1980, Trump’s appeal to caucasoid soreheads lies in his Nixonian “law and order” (racist) demagoguery and Reaganesque showbiz (in this case, reality television) legerdemain. Yet like Nixon, Hillary is a crook and like Reagan… a neoliberal tool.

Zero Sum Game

If Trump wins in November, Democratic partisans will have no one but themselves to blame. They will have lost because they backed and enabled a corrupt-to-the-core, unpalatable, and incompetent candidate whose Democratic National Committee fixers rigged the party’s primary system. They will deserve to lose.

In a contest between Bloody Madame Hillary and the Cheetos-complexioned con man Trump, woe will come to all, regardless of the outcome.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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