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Not in it to Win it – Calling Out The Bernie Sanders Bluff

The barriers that Sanders cannot overcome involve the manner in which the Democratic Party primary system is devised

Washington DC

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]D[/dropcap]onald Trump represents one side of the spectrum of White Supremacy and Bernie Sanders represents the other; both embody the type of ignorance borne of an existence created by White cultural insularity.

Condemnations of Trump’s style of racism display a form of easy virtue, while the tactic of demanding Sanders’ White liberal (faux left) followers cease shaking their pom-poms and consider the price of their race-bestowed advantages, presents a greater challenge to the status quo of White Supremacy.

Conversely, Sanders’ running as a Democrat only serves to reinforce the status quo. Bernie’s positions on the realities of White Supremacy mirror his empty rhetoric regarding Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people (e.g., his alleged support of the so-called “Two State Solution,” as, year after year, he votes to supply billions of dollars in weapons systems to Zionist agents of genocide).

Sanders does not broach the topic of foreign policy in his stump speechifying, because he isn’t running to win. Bernie, long time denizen of Washington D.C.’s political class – and de facto Democrat that he is – knows Democratic Party insiders will never allow it to happen.Washington DC

His fantasy is that he is going to push Hillary (or whichever corpocrat/war machine operative they find acceptable) to the left. Of course, Hillary will feint to the left during the campaign season and then, once elected, govern for the benefit of the High Dollar interests which own her.

The barriers that Sanders cannot overcome involve the manner in which the Democratic Party primary system is devised e.g., the super primary and super delegate set-up – a system created to stop insurgency candidates. Sanders, a Washington insider, damn well knows his candidacy is part and parcel of the scam. His job is to act as a sheepdog for the Party’s oligarch-vetted candidate and herd disillusioned left-of-centre voters back into the Party’s flock.

Even if Bernie wasn’t running a sham insurgency in the High Dollar owned and operated Democratic Party, his record reveals him to be a garden variety cop-coddling, predator drone liberal. How many times are credulous Democratic partisans and desperate progressives going to pay admission to this tawdry carnival, with its house of mirror distortions and sucker-fleecing sideshows?


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