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Adios, Sandernistas, Clintons Don’t Take Kindly to Revolution

Slurs and superdelegates. Now that Sanders has rattled the Clinton camp, the slapdown begins. Essay


[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]he spectacle of Sanders’ humiliating Clintonites in New Hampshire reveals that Hillary represents not only the ethos of a long departed political era (Carter/Reagan neoliberalism) but a political strategy (the pre-internet 1990s) too.

The Clinton Machine contains the engine of a Yugo.

When Bernie is dispatched from the process by the machinations of the Democratic Party elite, I, for one, am curious as to how the Sanders faithful will react. Will their loss of innocence prove propitious insofar as a newly gained understanding of what we are up against? For example, it is simply not possible to threaten the structure of the High Dollar-rigged capitalist system/entrenched military imperium/ or the racist and classist police/national security/surveillance/prison industrial state by the act of voting. The elites of empire believe that they don’t need you, and they expect the same.

But just because elites hold elite status does not mean they are smart. Case in point: Hillary Clinton and the Clinton mob’s operatives at the Democratic National Committee. Of course, they can game the system to prevail in the primaries, and perhaps even enthrone Queen-In-Waiting Hillary in the Oval Office, but they cannot bestow her with the skill to lead and govern; a quality and concomitant ability her public record reveals she sorely lacks. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s combination of hubris, ruthlessness, and incompetence is Bush Cartel-grade dismal. She even voted for their disastrous war.Che by Dan Booth

On hundreds of occasions, both online and during face-to-face encounters, I have asked Hillary loyalists to cite for me a list of her much-touted accomplishments. In short, they cannot cull from her many years in corporate and political life many real world examples. Withal, the facts regarding her highly suspect record as private sector lawyer/insider corporate lobbyist during her husband’s term as governor of Arkansas, to her string of disasters as First Lady, to her lacklustre Senate term, to her odious reign as Secretary of State cause HRC’s supporters to oscillate between reticence and outright rage when queried for an answer. On social media, if pressed on the issue, they will block you.

And to think, these are people who insist that only Republicans are despotic, fact-resistant, and irrational. Worse, when the corrupt-to-the-core Clintonites lie, rig the game, and cheat their way to the nomination, they will accuse cheated Sandernistas of being embittered soreheads when they refuse to vote for Queen Hillary, the anointed one.

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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