Forgotten Tomb: …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil

'if it’s a pastiche, it’s a well-written, executed, and compelling pastiche that could almost be mainstream-friendly, were it not for the grim chords and screams'...

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Sankara: Guided By Degrees

At an LP-length forty minutes it's a record that doesn't outstay it's welcome, and there's no room for much in the way of filler. ...

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The Peacocks: Don’t Ask

Curiously, as they get older The Peacocks seem to mutate into a band that will appeal to a younger audience. The music may not be breaking any musical boundaries, but they retain their youthful anger...

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Missy Le Pink: London Crawlin’

Now that the crossfire has died down, Col. Jon pokes his head up from behind the outhouse to review Viva Le Pink's London Crawlin' EP. Warning: Contains the word 'Psychobilly'. ...

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Dylan Mondegreen [Album Review]

A soft-voiced collection of slick popsongs in the fey, beta-male mode...

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The Meteors: Doing the Lord’s Work

Will The Meteors bring anything new to the Psychobilly genre? What if they bring samples and a cover version of 'Paranoid'. What then, flat-top?...

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As I Lay Dying: Awakened

Awakened lacks the complexity of an August Burns Red record, but also manages to avoid the overly commercial pitfalls of later-era Killswitch Engage material. What it does offer is a balanced...

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DJ Stingray: Psyops for Dummies EP

'The Sadist' is edgy from the outset and a great scene-setter. Constantly intensifying cold textures coil around an atmospheric voice sample, discreetly hinting at various dark scenarios. As it...

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Big Boys Gone Bananas* [Film]

Back in 2009 director Frederik Gertten was scheduled to premiere his latest film at the LA Film Festival. Called simply Bananas, it dealt with alleged abuses suffered by Nicaraguan workers who worked...

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Satan’s Wrath: Galloping Blasphemy

it's fun, it's heavy, and the over the top Satanic lyrics are often hilarious. By no means should Satan's Wrath hang up their goat-skull helmets and battleaxes any time soon. It'd just be nice if...

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Jellymongers: The Art of Food

With a bit of graft you can get almost anyone's contact detail. Every so often I propose something sensible and they get back to me. The results are some of the best and most interesting work we've...

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[Listen] Matmos release Schwarz Remix

Matmos' forthcoming 'Very Large Green Triangles' has been remixed by Baltimore producer Schwarz in aid of the Maryland Food Bank The track can be purchased from Matmos' Bandcamp for a voluntary...

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Beacons Festival

The impressive line-up of music at Beacons will be joined by an equally innovative range of attractions. Guerilla theatrics, superior cuisine, real ale, leftfield party spaces and roaming...

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Spiritualized – London.

“The thread that runs through all Spiritualized albums is that I am obsessed with music and the way we put it together. And if I have learned one thing in all the time I have been making music, it...

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Crime and the City Solution tour!!

One of key moments in anyone’s life has to be the moment they discover the amazing shimmering walls of noise that is a crime and the city solution album. or even THAT scene from Wings of Desire...

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Preview: Cambridge Folk Festival sets sights high!

Eclectic and expansive, as the Cambridge Folk Festival should be, the list of acts is now immense. Among the ones to look out for ar June Tabor and the Oyster Band, especially if they play that Joy...

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Will Ashon: Binaries and Dichotomies

Will Ashon made a name for himself as the founder of UK record label Big Dada, the revolutionary hip hop offshoot of the influential Ninja Tunes label. Concurrent to running the label Ashon is also...

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