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Freakscene: The Story of Dinosaur Jnr

Alt-rock godfathers Dinosaur Jnr are given their due in a familial look at their awkward but sublime artistry. Review of Freakscene - The Story of Dinosaur Jnr...

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Virginia Woolf Might Have Preferred an Audiobook

What Was Virginia Woolf Afraid Of? shines brightest when it focuses not on Woolf’s life, but on her actual words and how she used them. ...

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Helmut Newton’s Naughty Little Self

In person, Helmut Newton was downright disarming, innocent and a little boyish. Until you saw the pictures. And then… he morphed into something downright dangerous. ...

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Landmark Exhibition Marks 50th Anniversary of the Isle of Wight Festival

Wight Spirit, 1968–70 is comprised of new sculptures by Guy Portelli and a selection of photographs — some never seen before — by the late Charles Everest....

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Espresso, Chianti… Maser-a-ti!

In 2020: The Summer of COVID, interweb-streaming Italian-racecar cool is about as close to true freedom as car buffs are likely to get. ...

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In Bright Axiom: The House of the Latitude

As an introduction to the secret society, this documentary is a disjointed narrative where the whole is less than the sum of occasionally fascinating parts....

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His Holiness Blinded Me With Science

If the viewer focuses intensely in The Dalai Lama: Scientist, such effort will be rewarded with insight, if not total consciousness…...

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One Night Only for New Gorillaz Documentary

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons is the first ever all-access immersive journey into the world of Gorillaz and its extended family....

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Filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky First Full UK Retrospective

The award-winning Mexican filmmaker is best known for his innovative documentaries which chronicle the struggles of Mexico’s indigenous population against environmental threats and societal...

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Nun More Anarchist Activist

The documentary is an overall misfire, yet an interesting portrait of self-reliant defiance in the face of opposition from all sides....

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The Painting That Changed the History of Modern Art

Exhibition On Screen returns with ​Young Picasso, an extraordinary detective story that looks in detail at the elements that drove one small boy from southern Spain to such heights. ...

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What Do You Think Of My Sparkly Gun?

Cut from unprecedented access to 500 hours of jihadi footage, extraordinary documentary Path of Blood is a startling, powerful experience....

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All the World’s a Stage: Ian McKellen Plays His Part

Frank self-analysis offers some fascinating insight into Ian McKellen's career trajectory; an essential watch for both fans and those interested in an experienced actor’s perspective....

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The Cause of Progress: A Cambodian Spring

A stirring and articulate documentary, A Cambodian Spring charts the forcible displacement of the capital’s residents due to corporate land grabbing supported by a corrupt government....

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Cela Nous Concerne Tous: In the Intense Now

In the Intense Now is a fascinating and astute cine essay of the psychological nature of revolution during the events of May 68....

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Being Blacker: Racism in Modern Britain

Molly Dineen's first documentary in 10 years is a portrait of the challenges of being black in modern Britain....

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Documenting The Decline of Western Civilization (Penelope Spheeris)

LA’s early hardcore punk, eighties hair metal and the gutter-punk scene, lovingly filmed by Penelope Spheeris...

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