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Creative Contemplation: The Feelings Library

A public art installation created by architecture practice CAUKIN Studio in collaboration with SKIP Gallery and therapy service Self Space aims to shine a light on mental health this Christmas...

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The Hopefulness of Colour: Annie Morris

The London-based artist on grief, repetition and the solace of creativity...

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The Weight of Canon

Canon, Fandom and Creative Paralysis. Much of the media we consume today, especially genre media, takes the form of such franchises. Art might be no different? ...

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The Fresh & Weird Creative Energy of New Contemporaries

In the midst of increasingly gloomy global news, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries online exhibition is everything we need...

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Philip Guston’s Restless Creativity

Hauser & Wirth continues its global series of exhibitions reflecting on the influence and creative processes of American painter Philip Guston ...

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Decimation of School Arts Impacting on Science and Medicine

Education charity the Edge Foundation calls for dramatic changes to the current national curriculum, arguing that creativity should be at the heart of all learning....

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Study Proves People Congeal Over Time!

A study from NASA has shocked people by showing that life and education contribute to the death of creativity in children, creativity which is essential to our race, and is difficult to win back once...

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We Don’t Need New Politics, We Need New Gods

What deities should be placed before the God of Money?...

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Can Music Ever Be Sustainable?

Pop music can create not just idols, but shaman-like figures who help us negotiate our way through life and death. How do we keep it coming?...

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Music Legal Opportunism (or Why I Own All Your Music)

Short of a buck? Why not dabble in the lucrative growth business of Music Legal Opportunism...

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Creative Mind-Wandering or Disastrous Zone-Out, Which do You Do?

Whether your mind-wandering is intentional or accidental makes a difference to how useful it is...

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Make Better Music 81: Monetizing Music

Doing it for the love will only last so long. What happens when you have to eat? How to make better music, and make money doing so....

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The Architecture of a Problem (Part 2) Psychoanalysis and Creativity

Malcolm Quinn expounds on the implications and applications of psychoanalysis and art...

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Make Better Music 73: Mindful Qualities

Quality requires a mindfulness and quietness to allow ideas to form, take shape, emerge and grow...

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Carrot or Stick, Which Works?

A "first carrot, then stick" policy can drive cooperation toward a specific goal...

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