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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe (Part Three)

Beyond nationalism, economics and finance, there are sound reasons for a unified Europe. Its bloody history among them. Essay...

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe (Part Two)

History provides a template for the society we live in. Outside of Europe, Britain would only have its own....

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe

Beyond the fiscal spreadsheets and the chest-beating nationalism, there are lesser-reported nuances to the European membership debate. Essay...

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Nothing Happens at All, Part Three: Charity

If possessions enslave us, and suffering numbs us, what gives us a warm, if impotent, glow? Charity...

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Debt, Housing, Creative Solutions: Construct the Future at Hoxton Gallery

Native's Hoxton Gallery show draws attention to the modern debt/housing crisis, but less typically, suggests solutions...

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Possessions, Suffering, Charity: Why Nothing Ever Happens (Part Two)

Far from de-sensitizing us, repeated media imagery of suffering neatly cows us into lucrative obesiance...

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(Why) Nothing Ever Happens, Nothing Happens at All

Possessions, Suffering, Charity. A trinity to stultify a population and assuage the morality of the comfortable pragmatists....

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Caliban’s Rage at the Blank Touchscreen: On Becoming a 21st Century Savage

The acceleration of technology beyond the layman's ken makes us little more than blissfully ignorant slaves - should we not be noble savages instead? ...

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After the Revolution, Beyond the Randian Superhero.

Should we be grubbing for the favours of the benevolent altruist, or forging a fairer world for all? Essay on the false prophets of philanthropy...

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Why the Size of Trump’s Hands Matters: Deconstructing the Randian Superman

The business superman is Better Than You: examining Ayn Rand's construction of that most pertinent of myths...

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The Right Business: Politics and the Randian Hero

Wealth does not denote moral worth, so why does it make politicians popular? Essay...

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Stimulating the Simulcra. Can Humans be Trusted With Artificial Intelligence?

Can such a flawed race create anything but accelerated evil? Examining free will, AI technology, and addictive stimulus....

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I Can’t Do that, Dave. Artificial Intelligence, Dada and the Ethics of Perception

Are humans worthy to create more powerful beings 'in our own image'? Essay....

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Sure we can, but SHOULD we? Digital Head and the Ethics of Intelligence

Examining the unpredictable and disruptive possibilities contained within new technologies...

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(Turk) (Must) (Do) (Better) A Critical Review of Wittgenstein’s Dream

Can we safely dismiss Freudian psychoanalysis with the lancet of irony? Or does the attempt fail? Gavin Turk at the Freud Museum ...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now? (Part Two)

Handling irony is like handling plutonium: you must be careful that the radiation doesn’t kill you, or at least rob you of the ability to make meanings and give force to ideas...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now?

Self-knowing idiocy. We either join in or shut up....

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The Architecture of a Problem (Part 2) Psychoanalysis and Creativity

Malcolm Quinn expounds on the implications and applications of psychoanalysis and art...

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The Architecture of a Problem (Psychoanalysis and Creative Practice)

Professor Malcolm Quinn shares his thoughts on psychoanalytic approaches in art and design....

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