Author: Julio Etchart

Julio Etchart is a documentary photographer, poet and artist.

Grass Roots and Green Shoots: At Jeremy Corbyn’s Allotment

What's mostly green but red all over? ...

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Loitered Lens: Beyond the Beat at the Royal Albert Hall

Previews of Julio Etchart's photography from the Beyond the Beat exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall...

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Katha [Following George Orwell in Burma]

Photojournalist Julio Echart traces the footsteps of George Orwell in Burma...

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Tsunami Coast : Poetography

Sri Lanka, 2014 - poem and images by Julio Etchart...

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Rice and Redemption : The Learning Farm

I am glad that some of them are now coming back and learn the old skills of the farm. A person should know how to grow their own food....

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