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Tsunami Coast : Poetography

Sri Lanka, 2014 – poem and images by Julio Etchart

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

Tsunami Coast

It is almost ten years since Armageddon
when a wall of thunder emerged
from the soulless core
of our deepest fears

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

A Christmas calm before the big roar
that shifted the edges of golden shores
to drown away an uncertain karma,
dismantling the essence
of serendipity,
hacking hopes
and imploring mantras,
turning paradises
into aquatic infernos,
desolate mementos
of melancholic prayers
and liquid gravitas

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

Palm trees are growing back
laden with green hues
and yellow fruit,
yielding shelter
to fisher folk huts.

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

A new horizon is shifting;
the nightmares of the past
harvest an uneasy truce
brokered between heaven and earth
by forces beyond the reach of humans

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

The wheel of dharma keeps spiraling its cosmic dance,
streaming three times to appease the Maker,
until the next sutra….

Sri Lanka by Julio Etchart

Sri Lanka, 2014 – poem and images © Julio Etchart

One Reply to “Tsunami Coast : Poetography”

  1. Cath Forrest says:

    Qué lindo Julio!

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