Author: Col. Jon Burrows

Col. Jon Burrows. Conceived in the ghettos on the outskirts of Memphis. Hailed as the new face of the hood. Haikus to him can be found on underpasses, large rocks at public parks and the occasional idling limo. Nearly all of the words he writes are spelled correctly, occasionally managing to format a page with a paragraph break. He once drove a tank and lives solely in hotel and hospital suites covering the windows in tin foil. His epic autobiography, ‘Fuck You Buddy’, will hopefully one day be published, if someone in the literary world can decipher its sophisticated and convoluted message.

Fourth of July Spitroast

There's a whole lot of meat between the rooter and the tooter so that means there's little point in getting it on unless the whole neighbourhood is coming...

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Hank Ray : I Walked With A Holy Ghost Cowboy

The sound of someone blowing large smoke rings up the ass of Psychobilly and it’ll truly make you happier than a dead pig in the sunshine....

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Gun Control? Lock and Load

Col Jon Burrows returns. Trebuchet's man in the States defends his right to bear arms....

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Tokyo Rockabilly Club – The Book.

They played Rock ‘n’ Roll from a stereo and started to dance as if they were in a club, not in a public park in the middle of Tokyo. ...

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Bonnie Raitt reminder

Bonnie Raitt plays the UK soon, so y’all who’ve not seen her perform live yet can do so...

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Mrs T’s Southern Stuffed Ham

I will be thinking of Maggie when I next have a big ol’ lick...

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Hank Ray : Interview [Pt. 2]

Berlin sightseeing? Guess I would take you on a “Dining ‘n’ Drinking with the Dead” roundtrip. John Heartfield, Bertholt Brecht, Nico. Something like that! I don’t dig tourists’ hotspots....

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Hank Ray : Interview [Part 1]

In advance of the release of Sinister Funtime, Hank Ray talks (at length) about music, The Cramps, labels and lyrics...

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Freedom Toast : Southern Style

I know you ladies like it thick ...

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Col’ Jon’s Home Style Breakfast [Recipe]

'momma used to prepare us Brains n’ Eggs for breakfast. Pappy used to make stupid Zombie jokes about it when he wasn’t telling us about Iwo Jima'...

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Brown Sugar and Mustard-Glazed Bone-in Ham

Well the holidays are indeed coming and as y’all know, a homemade baked ham is a southern holiday staple. ...

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Col. Jon’s Presidential Cookies

What could be better for an energy boost when you’re on the road? Well let me tell y’all, an all American Chocolate Chip Cookie, that’s what....

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Col. Jon’s Cherokee Corn Pone

It’s another favourite snack in these parts and something that I like to have the little woman cook up for me whilst I hang up the goat on Hallowe’en. Up until now this has been a very closely...

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Col. Jon’s Pumpkin Soup

Hallowe’en is my favourite time of year and along with the customary trick or treating, cow tipping and playing with my nuts at the cemetery, I always like to make a batch of Great Great Grandma...

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Great Walls of Fire! Psychobilly goes Chinese

Hot dang if these Asian dudes aren't slamming out some of that much talked about psychobilly music....

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Missy Le Pink: London Crawlin’

Now that the crossfire has died down, Col. Jon pokes his head up from behind the outhouse to review Viva Le Pink's London Crawlin' EP. Warning: Contains the word 'Psychobilly'. ...

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The Meteors: Doing the Lord’s Work

Will The Meteors bring anything new to the Psychobilly genre? What if they bring samples and a cover version of 'Paranoid'. What then, flat-top?...

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The Screamin’ Sugar Skulls [Live]

It is with sadness that I must report the departure of The Screamin’ Sugar Skulls. A band I had the pleasure of bearing witness to just this April 2012. The band decided it is the right time...

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