Writing Exercise for Trebuchet

Writing for Trebuchet. If you can give us 500 words on a topic that demonstrates; focus, research, differentiation, and appeal you’re what we’re looking for.


In the frame of Trebuchet, we ask all new writers to strive to be factual and unique in often unfamiliar territory. So given the subject of Black Sabbath, one of the most written about bands in history, each writer is required to be original in their perspective and scintillating in their prose to scream above the noise.

Writing for Trebuchet: the basics. 

  1. You must write in the third person.
  2. Your arguments must be based in fact, progress logically, and lead somewhere resounding.
  3. You need to give your piece a TITLE and a SUBHEADING – this should describe the core idea and premise of your article in an appealing manner.
  4. Reading through other pieces on the subject (i.e Black Sabbath) you should try to find an approach that is different from the others. It has to be fresh.

In short: focus, research, differentiation, and appeal.

Bon chance and happy hunting.

  1. Black Sabbath: A Brief Review by Ruthie Carlisle
  2. Black Sabbath: Love them, Loathe Them by Gareth Davies
  3. Proclivity in Black by Scott J. Ryan
  4. Black Sabbath: Heavy Metal’s Big Bang by James Domone
  5. Black Sabbath; Old, outdated, and more current than ever by Simon Parker
  6. Black Sabbath: Masters of Vertigo by Isabell Jacobson
  7. Owning the Black Sabbath Legacy by Meltem Yumulgan
  8. Sabbath in Space: The Multiplicity of Metal Through Softer Songs by Rhiannon Williams
  9. Black Sabbath: Master of Couplets by Rhett Fisher
  10. Black Sabbath: Black Magic by Keri O’Shea
  11. Blood Sacrifice in Birmingham: Fingertips at the Crossroads by Jeffrey Wengrofsky
  12. Black Sabbath: Walpurgis 1970 by Justin Freeman
  13. Black Sabbath: The Besmirched of England by William Watt
  14. Black Sabbath: There’s No Rock ‘n’ Roll in Reading the Classics by Nick Soulsby
  15. Black Sabbath Hate Witches. by Alexander Clarke
  16. Black Sabbath Rest: Heavy Metal’s Creation Myth. By J.M
Michel Houellebecq Dancing to Black Sabbath

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Credit: Illustration by Derren Toussaint. 2018.


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