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Chanting Guitars and Dusk Distortions: Bossk

Photos and review of underground post-metal band Bossk as they deliver sermons from the electric mount at London’s Garage (15.12.21)...

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Melted on my Cortex – Boss Keloid

Slow and heavy Wiganers Boss Keloid once again repudiate expectations with new full-length sonic deluge 'Melted On The Inch'...

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The Jonesing Jams: Worlds Collide (Psych Rock Jams, April 20)

Improvised and fleeting psych rock jams amongst Brick Lane's bodacious baltis and bagels....

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The End of Electricity (Domkraft)

Simultaneously doomy and a little dotty, Domkraft freshen the formula with The End of Electricity...

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This our profession now: Truckfighters (Interview)

Many drummers, not so much partying, but plenty of fuzzy heads - Truckfighters...

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The riffs still come from my fingers (Tommi Holappa, Greenleaf)

Swedish semantics, Horror Lizards, and the eternal churn of stoner rock bands. Greenleaf speak....

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Peacocks Wandered Aimlessly: Pagan Science (The Well)

Cosmic folk to occult choir - bringing the rock ain't always easy, but where there's The Well, there's a way...

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We got to drive a car and smash into things. (Red Fang, Interview)

Red Fang’s guitarist, David Sullivan, insists it's not ALL debauched Valhalla hedonism...

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Grinds ‘n’ Grudges: Only Ghosts (Red Fang)

Grunge, grind, riffs, aggression and beautifully stupid videos. Red Fang return....

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Stone(r)s of the Desert Age (Truckfighters)

Five albums in, stoner-rock trio Truckfighters bring the desert to your living room...

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Sludge in the Sparkplugs? (The Company Corvette)

Is Doom, Groove and Stoner metal too rich a mix for this Corvette's carburettor? Review...

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Celebrating the A&M Years with Monster Magnet

Reviving material from their years with A&M, Monster Magnet's only UK show of 2016...

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Stoner Riffing from Sunrise to Sundown (Spiritual Beggars)

Hammond organ, heavy riffs and stoner haze - Sunrise to Sundown is what death metallers do to relax...

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