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Quit Talkin’, I’m Textin’: Electronic Media Killing Parent/Child Communication

Electronic media keeping kids from communicating with parents ...

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One More Way Your Phone Makes You STOOPID. Digital Media and Abstract Thinking

Digital media may be changing how you think. New study finds users focus on concrete details rather than the big picture...

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In With a Bad Crowd? Long Term Effects of Your Child’s Social Network

A 28-year study reveals that the social relationships nurtured in childhood may have physiological consequences...

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Old People are Dying, Pass me my Phone!

A culture of shared and retweeted grief stinks of narcissism, not compassion....

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Got the time on yer, cock? Digital e-Skin display Developed

Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display ...

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The Other Kind of Twitterstorm. Using Social Media for Natural Disaster Assessment

Could social networks used in the assessment of damage caused by natural disasters?...

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Your Band is Awesome Live, So Ban the YouTube Fan Footage

Well-meaning YouTubers could be wrecking your band's reputation. Maybe it's time to take control. Essay...

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Real Life or Social Media – How Many Friends is Too Many?

Are you really my friend? Social media isn't the same as real life, but a new study suggests the same skills apply. How does it all work?...

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Can YOU Tell if You’re Facebook Dependent?

You might have a Facebook dependency. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...

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Death in the Afternoon : Political Slaughter in Spain

Personal charisma, rockstar presentation and the common touch may indeed be a successful formula for political power....

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You like? Social media, sharing and sales

Marketing campaigns focused on social media and socioeconomic groupings are likely to give the greatest boost...

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Forgiving Jeremy Clarkson: Forgiving Ourselves. [Top Gear]

The culture wars have become so divisive, even the organisation that tolerated Jimmy Savile is obliged now to take sides....

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Feeling Unloved? Like this page.

Facebook - People who are generally insecure in their relationships are more actively engaged on the social media site....

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Do Your Own Damned Marketing!

Users of social media websites are less likely to use them to say positive things about their favourite products and services...

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Are Social Media Values Human Values?

None of the values promoted by a social-media-dominated world are helpful with depth-oriented, long-term thinking...

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Twitter Storms

It’s dangerous, people are not who they seem on the internet. Inside those twitter storms (I’ve had a few) there are usually one or two who hang around for a week or so, its easy to pick up...

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