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Kings Never Die: Christian Boltanski’s Esprit

The Manege's Central Exhibition Hall holds Esprits, Christian Boltanski’s first-ever solo exhibition at St Petersburg....

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Soft Power in the Political Art of Annya Sand

An interview with London based painter Annya Sand on painting and politics. ...

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Cache of Russian Avant-Garde Works Surfaces in Basement

Art historian Andrey Sarabyanov is planning a new exhibition of forgotten pieces by Kandinsky, Rodchenko and Stepanova....

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Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions from the USSR

A comprehensive collection in which to get lost and marvel at a time when whatever was plausible was seen as achievable....

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Philosophy and The God of Bleak Things

dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;A/dropcap Russian Oligarch has written a philosophy book he hopes will turn out to be a best seller, writes Matthew Moore, Media Correspondent in The...

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A Whiff of Polonium, Or Smoke and Mirrors?

US economic and militarist aggression is to blame for Russian military posturing. ...

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McMafia: The Reality

The BBC's McMafia is an international thriller with Russian organised crime at its heart and London as its hub. But how realistic is the portrayal of Russian-managed drug and human trafficking rings...

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Kotä: Selected Works of Experimental Music and Art Expo

The Russians aren't coming. But you can go to them. And should....

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Fire and Fury: Perpetual War = Perpetual High Dollar

The marriage of the high dollar to perpetual war becomes more blatant by the day...

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You Know Things are Bad When Putin Looks Good.

Irksome Geopolitical Strategy. Is there no end to the casuistry required to be a member in good standing of the Liberal Class?...

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I Lied, Said Wartime Propaganda

A Game in Hell. The Great War in Russia, an exhibition held at The Gallery of Russian Arts and Design in London provides insight into the silent period of forsaken Russian achievements during The...

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Sanctions vs. Tax Havens in the New Cold War

As long as tax havens reign, Western sanctions will have little effect on Russian aggression....

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Sarcasm, Cynicism, and International Relativism

Cynicism and sarcasm don't have a place in international affairs. Let's fight for what's right....

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Electoral fraud in Moscow

A large-scale field experiment conducted during the December 2011 parliamentary elections in Russia suggests that fraud had a significant impact on the results. The research marks an advance in...

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