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You Know Things are Bad When Putin Looks Good.

Irksome Geopolitical Strategy. Is there no end to the casuistry required to be a member in good standing of the Liberal Class?

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]his week, already forgetting another in-school fifth amendment bloodbath, we fawn in commemoration of the imperial, first couple’s 23rd wedding anniversary.

Lucky for Barack Obama, Michelle and guests, there wasn’t a Kill List-clutching, conscience-devoid psychopath-in-chief like himself dispatching predator drones to the area to massacre their wedding party, as has been the case with his policies from Pakistan to Somalia to Yemen.

Obama, once again, proves his level of deceit is on par with that of the Bush/Cheney cabal, with his claim that Russia is bombing “moderate” Syrian rebels and not ISIS-factions.

And Putin, an ally of the Syrian government – ISIS’s sworn enemy – desires for ISIS to remain in business… because… um… let’s see… Putin simply wants to irk Obama. Yep. That makes perfect sense as a geopolitical strategy. Damn diabolical, that Putin… that is exactly the means that a reborn evil empire uses to gain global hegemony.fuzzyhead

Are liberals going to serve as apologists for President Pants On Fire’s latest prevarication? If history is any indication, they will, and, by doing so, join the legions of sub-cretinous soreheads and willfully blind dupes who parroted Bush/Cheney’s “Saddam was in on 9/11 and has hidden storehouses of WMDs.”

Liberals have previously defended the bailout of Wall Street criminals, drone murder, Obama’s destruction of Libya, his backing, funding, and setting in motion a neo-Nazi-led coup d’etat in Ukraine, and his proclaiming, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fibre of my being.” And the list goes on and on.

Is there no end to the casuistry required to be a member in good standing of the Liberal Class? Remember, this is the same when-it-suits crowd who pushed the Big Lie known as The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the “humanitarian’ bombing of the Serbs.”

Conclusion: Never forget Izzy Stone’s dictum: “All Governments Lie.”

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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