Tune in, Turn On, Don’t die with your novel still in you.

One man's wisdom is another man's trite platitude, but who wants to spend their life guarding dust?...

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How Does Money Affect Thought?

Systematic research investigates effects of money on thinking, behavior ...

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We Don’t Need New Politics, We Need New Gods

What deities should be placed before the God of Money?...

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Pay the Fiddler. When Can We Have Sustainable Music?

Perhaps we need a sea change in culture, where art and artists come to be valued once again. ...

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Less Sex or More Money? Make Your Choice

Increasing minimum wage would reduce teen pregnancies ...

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Still Not Listening: Meryl Streep Fails to Charm the Hicks

Meryl's message may have been astute, but if it ain't coming from a blue collar hick, it's just preaching to the choir....

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Are You Ready For Parenthood? Try This Simple Test!

The essential guide to whether you're ready for kids. Tongue may be slightly in cheek....

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So Mucho. Breadwinning and Gender – It’s Not What You’d Think

Being the primary breadwinner is bad for men's psychological well-being and health ...

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Upwardly immobile? Top Income Earners Don’t Move About Much

Study dispels myth about millionaire migration in the US ...

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Make Better Music 82: Monetizing Music (Part Two)

Working musician Simon Laffy ponders the recurring problem of making music pay...

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Is Risky Behaviour in the Head or the Heart? Research Suggests Both

Fewer romantic prospects may lead to riskier investments ...

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Make Better Music 81: Monetizing Music

Doing it for the love will only last so long. What happens when you have to eat? How to make better music, and make money doing so....

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How Much for a Booty Call?! The Danger of Sentimental Purchases

Beware the dewy-eyed late-night online shopping session. Love trumps budget in sentimental buys....

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How Much Did YOU Save for Your Pension This Week? The Precariat Class Goes Europe-Wide

New report finds Europe-wide shift towards weaker job security and employment support ...

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The Right Business: Politics and the Randian Hero

Wealth does not denote moral worth, so why does it make politicians popular? Essay...

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Attack, Retaliate, Attack. When Will it End?

If their designs work out as planned, the elite will, as they always have, enrich their already engorged fortunes on the suffering and death of the powerless....

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Avoiding That Long Dark Moment Waiting for ‘PIN OK’. Service Technology Improvements

Dining technology use is no measure of value, Clemson researchers find ...

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More Cash, Less Ash. Raising pay can reduce smoking rates

Raising pay can reduce smoking rates ...

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Do Men Feel Threatened By Female Bosses?

In three experiments, Netchaeva and her co-authors discovered that men feel more threatened when they answer to female bosses....

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Money, Masculinity, and Marital Infidelity

The affairs of economically dependent men simply don't garner media attention, so we hear about this kind of infidelity far less often...

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Happy CEOs Make Bigger Profits

Managers whose language displays an optimistic state of mind are more likely to have a positive influence on their firm's position in the market. ...

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