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Gavin Turk’s Reimagining of Richter

Painting the Glitch in the Matrix: Gavin Turk at Ben Brown Fine Arts. ...

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Four Giants of British Modernism Retrospective

The exhibition offers a retrospective of some of the greatest works created by Terry Frost, William Scott, Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron, as they revolutionised British art....

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‘Site Unseen’ Explores Making and Seeing

  ‘Darren Coffield’s ‘Orgreave’ dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;‘S/dropcapite Unseen’ is a group show inaugurating the new exhibition premises of...

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John Dee and the Empire of Angels

Recommended to those wishing for an in-depth summation of a fascinating figure and general readers who want their hair blown back by a rollicking historical tale. ...

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Postmodernism ‘Phoenix’ In Commas

There is much debate about what epoch we are currently in, have we moved from postmodernism to some other overarching force? Probably not!...

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Aspects of Modernism & William Morris

As part of the exploration of the forming of Modernism Natalie Andrews considers the influence of William Morris via an object in the V&A....

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Becoming of the Avant-Garde

Modernism and the avant-garde is the theme of the second part of Natalie Andrews exploration of the epoch and its influence on our time....

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Modernism Under Attack (in the past and by the present)

Comparing fiction with history we explore the reactions to modernism, which is stranger you decide....

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Max Klinger & The Freudian Unconscious

Max Klinger is a thought provoking artist who was influential on early modernism his work not only helps to explain complex theories but also helped to form them!...

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Understanding The Modern, it happened in the past!

The 19th century is where our ideas of the modern come from so what can that time say to us?...

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Do We Understand Modernism? We Better!

Modernism is in the news because as it turns out not that many people ever really got it! Since we have long since left this epoch behind and since its exerts such an influence maybe we should make...

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Science & Modern Man, the right (and wrong) way to take Wyndham Lewis.

Lewis looked upon his contemporaries with a measure of scorn, but at least attempted to engage them positively...

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Friends as Enemies and Enemies as Friends…. (Wyndham Lewis)

Despite popular myth, Wyndham Lewis (through sheer stubbornness and inflated ego) actually avoided association with Fascism....

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