Offset by Portico Quartet [Video]

Portico Quartet: capturing "the identity of the quartet, about the records we’ve made before, and the memory of them” - Video 'Offset' from Memory Stream...

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Venetian Snares, Luke Vibert and Red Snapper 24 May

Venetian Snares, Luke Vibert and Red Snapper 24 May - Soundcrash...

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Make Better Music 70 : Time

There is no aural analog of the photograph or still frame from a film. Sound is, at its core, inherently a time-dependent phenomenon. ...

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Dobie : We Will Not Harm You

It has everything from raw beats to polished electro. It makes you want to dance and just sit down and get stoned all at the same time. It’s got a swagger to it....

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'a phenomenal portrait of the human soul', MB + ICS:

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Amon Tobin – Surge EP

Amon Tobin simultaneously alienates and intrigues....

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Amon Tobin – Isam

Recreational users beware: claustrophobic and frustrating, is the new Amon Tobin album worth the risk?...

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Venetian Snares – XOYO

Ecstatic breaks and camaraderie, Venetian Snares rocks London. XOYO, Old Street, 23/2/11...

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Wagon Christ – Manalyze This

Wagon Christ AKA Luke Vibert taking globally warming into account has prognosticated that this summer is going to be blistering. Releasing this fun and fair hearted dance floor filler early enough to...

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Tim Hecker – Rave Death, 1972

Deeply entranced, I imagine the black and white noise which is resonating around the room as scattered photographs. These sepia toned images are of nothing and everything, of people I know and those...

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Pan American – For Waiting, For Chasing

Pan American is no stranger to the art of soundscapes...

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Into the Pit – Scaledown

The Orchestra Pit Company. Featuring Brainer, Hamilton Yarns and Former Utopia Kings and Queens Pub, Fitzrovia. 29th October 2010.   Getting lost on your way to a gig showcase is not unheard of,...

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Venetian Snares. Deep Cuts.

Venetian Snares interview 2004 ...

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Goldfish Coronet 29/10/10

Think Goldfish, think hooks. The kinetic House sounds of South Africa’s Goldfish have started to build a solid reputation outside their homeland and for one night only played a memorable set to...

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Silver Apples, Eat Lights Become Lights, Luminaire 2010

Fuck it, Silver Apples are to electronic music what Thomas Edison is to Facebook....

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Chris Clarke: Acoustic Body Music

Chris Clark or simply Clark these days is a busy man, making music, incessant touring and learning new instruments.  While uncomfortable with the title of Warp records’ electronic standard...

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Ghosthandfister – Ghosthandfister

Ghosthandfister – Ghosthandfister ODD records 2010 What an amazing debut. Ghosthandfister is a perfectly formed record which sounds timeless by virtue of it overtly referencing categorical...

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Kabutogani – BEKTOP

Kabutogani – BEKTOP Mille Plateaux (2010) For a strongly glitch album, Kabutogani sounds about as fresh as it comes. On BEKTOP, flirtations with melody and discord wheel and flow about the...

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Frank Tovey – Fad Gadget (2006) – Mute

It’s been said that the clearest sign of genius is to be unappreciated in your own time. Eighties musical pioneer Frank Tovey (as alter ego Fad Gadget) managed the twin feat of alienating...

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Roots Manuva – Alternatively Deep (2006) – Big Dada

The resurgence of British hip-hop in recent years has revelled in rebelling against current trends across the Atlantic. Personal aggrandizement and brand championship has been a consistent element of...

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Squarepusher – Hello Everything (2006) – Warp

Ten albums in ten years: is Squarepusher the most prolific electronic artist of his generation? Maybe, but quantity does not equal quality and recent efforts have felt kinda lost in a sea of...

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Animal Collective – Hollinndagain (2006) – Mutante-inc

Music worth a damn? We look at the Animal Collective's Hollinndagain to get a better read on the situation. ...

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Clicks & Cuts 5.0 – Paradigm Shift

Clicks & Cuts 5.0 - Paradigm Shift...

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