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Kabutogani – BEKTOP

Kabutogani – BEKTOP
Mille Plateaux (2010)

For a strongly glitch album, Kabutogani sounds about as fresh as it comes. On BEKTOP, flirtations with melody and discord wheel and flow about the listener, kicking rhythm stabs underpinned by massive slabs of tone drive this album upwards at every turn. Weirdly, the album sounds quite different depending on where you in relation to the speakers. On headphones this album becomes a whole different beast; a darker and more menacing dial-up apparition.

It’s hard to pin-point anything specific about the album that makes it particularly unique. The distorted microsounds used are all standard and in terms of texture there are few glimpses of anything new. Compositionally, the beat structures are generally pretty familiar too. However, the presentation of dubstep in grindcore and drone contexts works. What makes the album a great listen is that is incredibly and diversely soulful; each track goes somewhere insanely evocative.

Other reviewers will no doubt go into purple prosodic spasms describing lullabies for suicidal robots, recalled sex toys for preteens, the first Tsunami in Second Life and the like, I will fight temptation. It is just THAT evocative.

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