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Squarepusher – Hello Everything (2006) – Warp

Ten albums in ten years: is Squarepusher the most prolific electronic artist of his generation? Maybe, but quantity does not equal quality and recent efforts have felt kinda lost in a sea of avant-garde pretension. A potential turn-off for his most ardent fans, Hello Everything is nonetheless a return to form for this particular Essex-boy, coming on as a lil’ older, a lil’ wiser, more mature and yet with a new playful edge. Ambient sound-scapes are confined to closer “Orient Orange” and spooky intermission “Vacuum Garden” leaving the rest of the album free to attack the dancing reflexes with driving drums, emotive synth-leads and funky bass-lines. Tracks build and build, progressing and changing, undulating with wafts of ambience over chopped beats and acid jazz melodies. As the title suggests, Squarepusher has lost neither his gift nor his penchant for genre hopping, but now there is more of a feeling that he has found his own comfortable groove and is motoring along happily, enjoying and incorporating the musical scenery into the creation of something powerfully unique.


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